Wrangler Wednesday

Many of you may have been wondering...
what's up...
where have I been??

Well I have been super busy trying to prepare for some upcoming events...
maybe I will be able to share about them soon...
we will see...

but no matter how busy life is...
the farm still needs tending.

calves still need to be fed

Cats still steal as much milk as possible daily

the farmer still leaves before daylight and isn't home until dark

Farm Boy and Farm Baby check their garden

Farm Boy is growing up and competed in his 1st livestock judging event...
if you don't know me well you can't understand how happy this makes me.

Our 4-H Senior team was 3rd in the state and we had the 5th & 7th high individuals.
 Farm Boy did well considering he was 3 years younger than everyone else.  He even gave a set of reasons!

I have completed all the current open orders for our Etsy Shop YAY!! Maybe now I will have some time to finish up some sewing projects around the house!

We set up the tent in the backyard last weekend and camped out.

The boys decided we would pretend we were really in the woods LOL

Farm boy had to practice his climbing skills

Of course we had to have our ever faithful Millie hang out with us.

We even ventured out for a walk to Grandma's Sunday afternoon

& spent some time with the Farmer helping him work on a tractor after church

We have lots to keep us busy and if spring would ever show up to stay we would have more!

Until next time!


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