Wrangler Wednesday: Easter 2014

Easter is a huge thing for us.  We believe that without Easter there would be no reason to celebrate Christmas.  If Christ had not died on a cross, ascended into hell, and then rose to sit on the right hand of God...all for us...we wouldn't celebrate his birth.  Easter is HUGE!!!  Really think about it...the Son of God died a horrible death to save you, me and anyone else willing to believe in him from our sinful ways!  That's pretty awesome!!!

So with that said we have been talking, praying, and preparing our hearts for Easter since early April.  

We started off Easter weekend by having some yummy takeout on Friday night.  Poor Farmer can't eat without the Farm Baby trying to steal his food. 

Saturday morning the boys and I made Empty Tomb or Resurrection rolls.  Afterwards we attended our church's Easter program and did some inside egg hunting because it was pouring rain.

Our boys don't really know about the Easter Bunny.  We have never really gotten into that but we do fill their baskets for Easter morning.  Honestly not to offend anyone but giving your kid a basket at Easter with $100's worth of toys and such is a little much in my world.  Farm boy got a Veggie Tales DVD, bubbles, an Easter book, homemade playdough and some candy.  Farm Baby got pacis, paci clips, a sippy cup, a Bible storybook and homemade playdough.

Farming doesn't stop because it's a holiday...the Farmer still had to get up early and milk cows.  Actually he got the truck stuck before sunrise and had to borrow my car until he had time to pull the truck out.  

After Sunday lunch with the family we did a small egg hunt in my in-laws front yard.  The kids had fun but it was WET!!

Sorry for the sideways picture but it won't turn!  As you see we color code our eggs based on the child so no one gets all the eggs...Farm Boy would not leave any if we didn't!  

We took our annual family Easter photo.  It's amazing how the boys have grown in the last year!

And we ended Easter weekend with a stomach virus that got the Farm Baby first on Sunday night.
(Yes my cloth diapered baby is in a disposable diaper...I didn't want to have to deal with all the extra washing due to the stomach bug)

And then hit the Farm Boy yesterday.  

So how was your Easter weekend?  Did you celebrate bunnies and egg hunts or did you celebrate Jesus's love for you??

Until next time...


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