Wrangler Wednesday: April 2nd

So spring has finally arrived.  As I type this we are enjoying 80+ temperatures and sunshine!

With spring & April comes turkey season.  
If you follow me on Instagram you may have realized we have a couple of 
rather large flocks of them wandering around the farm.

The farm baby loves to help with evening chores and the great weather makes it even more fun!

We are able to walk most evenings to feed and check cows.

The Farm Boy is still stuck in winter some days but only because he loves his vest!

The calves are growing fast!

And today is special...well at least to me.  It's not anyone's birthday but... 

The Farmer & I started dating 12 years ago today...
I suppose really this is just the official date we agreed that yeah we were a couple
but still it's pretty special to me.  
God blessed me with a strong man who is willing to anchor me, support me, and love me unconditionally.  
A man who is an amazing role model for our 2 boys.  

Many times in high school and college I shared my "I will never..." 
William proved me wrong, TWICE!!!
  I married a dairy farmer & we live happily in South Carolina.  
Thanks honey for all the laughs and love shared over the last 12 years!  
I can't imagine them without you!

BTW the Farmer loves to have his picture taken can't you tell!

Until next time...

"The Farm Wife"

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