Wrangler Wednesday

Wrangler Wednesday...pictures from our farm

Momma and farmbaby checking on calves.  Currently our calves are housed in a barn in pens of 3-5 to shelter them from the extreme weather we have been having in South Carolina.  73 and sunny on Sunday to 23 and raining yesterday.  Keeping the calves in a barn help us ensure they are safe and healthy in all weather.  Calves move into the barn the day they are weaned from milk and stay between 4-8 weeks depending on the type of calf they are.

Farmbaby loves hanging out and watching all the happenings on the farm.  His favorite thing to do is to tell the cows to move when they are done in the milk line...it's more of a squeal but he gets his point across.

Our market hogs are growing...they aren't quite as big as I would like but this is Farmboy's first year in the project and we require him to help feed, water and work his hogs.  

Here Farmboy is working on nailing in any loose boards on his hog pen. 

He also has some pullets (female baby chicks) that he is raising.  This is group 1.  They are Golden Comets which is a hybird breed of chicken who are known for laying.  Group 2 will be a dozen Buff Orpingtons.  They are supposedly the Golden Retriever of  chickens...we will see about that.

Checking cows on Flatrock and finally was able to snap a quick picture of this guy.  Love his coloring.

Farmboy was chilling in the back seat heading to the barn.  According to him he was impersonating his "Uncle Pete"

Farmbaby is a MESSY eater but a good one.  

Lastly Farmboy is helping to feed up the hayburners at the house.  These are our 2 horses which he loves dearly but for now they just eat hay and hang out...hopefully soon we will be able to get some riding in.

Until We Meet Again...


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