Tackling Tuesday

When spring rolls around there is always much work to be done.  
And even though we know that there is still some winter weather left out there,
70-80 degree days when the sun doesn't set until well after 7 means it's time to get a move on!
Not only is spring a busy time around the farm but it's also really busy at work as well.  

I have to tackle my to do list head on or otherwise I will never accomplish anything.  

Today's task include

Cleaning/uncluttering the living room
doing dishes
feeding the horses
fixing the chicks' outside brooder box (they are living in my bathroom)

checking cows and heifers that are close to calving
feeding chores with the cattle
checking showpigs and helping Wyatt work them
and LAUNDRY (a constant)

Finish planning school gardens
order supplies to plant gardens (1st day of Spring)
Prepare for presentation tonight
Creating new forms for summer signups 
and wrapping up all the entry info for our Rain Barrel Art Contest

And on top of that I have to get everyone's stuff ready tonight as I am leaving before the Farmer (& the boys) head to the barn in the morning to go to Atlanta.  

I am excited to sit on a panel with Dairy Carrie, Corey Geiger & Will Gilmer.
We will be discussing the dairy industry, blogging and social media with dairy farmers from around the Southeast.  

With all that on my plate I guess I should get to work ;) 

Until Next time


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