Wrangler Wednesday: Wyatt is turning 6

It's hard to believe,
my first born will be 6 on Friday.  
So today's Wrangler Wednesday is dedicated to him.  
Oh yea & Happy Birthday my Father-in-Law as today is his day :)

Get ready for picture overload!

Wyatt is born!

Our first "real" family photo

National Cheviot Show & Sale, Springfield, IL

Fall 2008...cast number 2

Wyatt's 1st Birthday

Wyatt & PawPaw

Wyatt hanging out with the milk cows

Riding his 4 wheeler

Thanksgiving 2009 with PawPaw

Checking Ewes

Wyatt's 2nd Birthday

March 2009 

Eating as many strawberries as he picks

Pumpkin Patch at Cherry Place Farm

We put them to work young

Wyatt & Millie...love from the start

Wyatt turns 3 at Disney World (Feb 2011)

Family Pic August 2011

Wyatt's 1st Football game

Washing sheep

Playing in the mud

1st day of Preschool 2012

Fall Livestock Show 2012

Pumpkin Festival @ Bush-n-Vine Farm 2012

Halloween 2012

Christmas 2012 with his new puppy Starski

Loving on some lambs

5th Birthday

Last "out-to-eat" before we became a family of 4

The big brother

Wrangling some T-rexs


1st day of Kindergarten 2013

Fall Soccer 2013


PawPaw Quay's John Deere

1st set of show pigs 2014

Happy Birthday to this dude!  We love you to the moon and back again.

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