Wrangler Wednesday: A Southern Snowstorm

We don't get mountains of snow in the Southeast.  When we do things start to shut down.  Homegrown southerners realize they are the butt of numerous jokes to their counterparts in in the North & Midwest, and honestly we are ok with that!  Many of us get just as excited as the children do. 

We find the joy and the beauty that is missed by many of those who deal with the snow day in and day out for months.  A large number of our offices shut down and allow us time to spend with our families enjoying the winter weather.  This causes some transplants from other parts of the country to scoff and ridicule, but that's ok.  This is how we operate down South.  We close shop and enjoy extra time with family.  If that isn't ok with you I'm sorry but you are now "in our neck of the woods" so you play by our rules.  

The farm however doesn't shut down.  Cows still have to be fed, milked, and cared for...no matter the weather.  This morning my hubby farmer rolled out of his warm bed, layered up and headed to the barn.  By the time most of us were rolling out of bed he had done a full days work...and I mean manual labor not pushing papers.  The boys and I didn't go to the dairy this morning but we did venture out to deliver packages to the post office for the Etsy shop, pick up some items I forgot, and to feed beef cows.  

I always enjoy feeding cows in the snow.  I love the way the pastures look different, the cows wait for you, and the warmth of the barns.  This morning was no different!  

So I am going to spend the rest of my snow day playing with my boys, filling orders, and trying to set up an "office" area for the shop.  Might even finally complete our business plan on paper!

   Until next time


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