Thin Down Thursday: Motivation Lacking

Let's be honest...I like working out when I am in the routine of doing it,
but once I stop doing it I have a hard time starting back.  
Hence the 2 weeks of no real data to speak of.  
Now I can blame the snow and the big one's birthday celebrations all I want
but honestly it all starts with me.  

My motivation has been lacking...
heck somedays it's not existence.  
But that has got to change and the only one who can change it is...
well me!

And it starts today...right now actually!
I am going to just logged all my food for the day!
Which really makes me realize that I need to work out!

My goal for next week is to be down 15 lbs....
I don't think it's going to happen so be on the look out for my readjusted weigh loss goals 

until then here is this week's chart

Caci :) 

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