Mommy Monday: Some Days I don't want to be a Farm Wife

Being married is hard.
It takes two to make a marriage work.
Each giving and taking.
Courtney Joseph put it best in her book Women Living Well
 "The reality is that marriage is hard work, and every marriage has it's problems."
( I promise he isn't mad, LOL)

Being a farm wife is hard too.
There are many times you feel that you give 
way more than you get.

But that comes with the territory.  
There are going to be long nights,

broken tractors, reheated suppers, and crying babies.

There are going to be days that your schedule is so full you don't have room to breathe,
and your farmer husband is going to ask you to squeeze in 5 more things.

There will be those milestones he misses, 
like the first word, first step, t-ball games, and school performances.

That is the life of a farm family.  

Cows don't stop getting out or needing to be tended to
around your schedule.

Growing up I always knew what the saying 
"You got to make hay while the weather's right"

meant...back then even though it didn't seem too bad.

15 years, 1 farmer husband and 2 kids later...
that saying can burn biscuits.

There are some days when I want to throw my hands up...
there are days I dream of living in town,
staying home with the kids,
hubby working a regular job.

There are nights when I question God...
is this where you want us...

There are weeks when it's hard to find a silver lining...
between new legislation, prices being pushed down, and markets being pushed out.

It takes a special man to be a farmer. 

Ram Trucks showcased those special men in last year's Super Bowl Commerical
But let me tell you it takes a special woman to be a farm wife, as well.

And even though there are days when I want to quit,
I wouldn't trade our way of life for the world.

I may never be a stay at home mom,
I may never get to take a 2 week vacation,
I may never be able to go shopping at a moments notice,

but God made me to be a farm wife.
He has blessed me with a strong, independent husband
who works from before sunrise til after sunset.
He's not making millions but we are making ends meet.

God has taught me patience, 
given me grace,
tripped me so that I fell flat on my face...
only to show me that I need him.

God has blessed me with a love for farming that couldn't be 
sustained in a backyard garden.  

So even in the sunshine and rain,

in the below freezing temperatures and snow
I am grateful to my husband for pursuing his passion,
for raising our boys to love agriculture,

and respect a hard day's work.

I am grateful to God for giving me an amazing husband, 

2 rough and tough boys,

and for the chance to be a farm wife.

Until next time...


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