Farming Friday

Farming is a hard and dirty job...that sometimes requires lots of baths
especially when you are short and cows spatter you in the milk line...
poor Waylon :(

Sometimes in farming we are blessed to be able to share the life cycle of farm animals with
children.  This year thanks to a grant we will be sharing the life cycle of Chickens with kindergartners 
and videoing eggs hatching.  

These little guys are what the kids above are holding.  They were excited to get their hands on really baby chick.  These chicks will be relocating to another farm this weekend.  Wyatt gets his 4-H set in April. 

This is what happens to a farm wife that works in an office 8-5 and then gets sent to do barn chores 
without a chance to change...poopy Toms aren't cute!

And then the cows stare at you because they are use to entirely different outfits than your office garb

And farm babies like to drive tractors starting VERY early in life!

One of the Longhorn steers that greet me daily

And sometimes farm kids get all cleaned up and go to school dances!
This is Wyatt's 1st school dance...yes in Kindergarten! 

So there you have some glimpses into our farm life over the last 2 weeks.  
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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