Friday, February 28, 2014

Farming Friday

Farming is a hard and dirty job...that sometimes requires lots of baths
especially when you are short and cows spatter you in the milk line...
poor Waylon :(

Sometimes in farming we are blessed to be able to share the life cycle of farm animals with
children.  This year thanks to a grant we will be sharing the life cycle of Chickens with kindergartners 
and videoing eggs hatching.  

These little guys are what the kids above are holding.  They were excited to get their hands on really baby chick.  These chicks will be relocating to another farm this weekend.  Wyatt gets his 4-H set in April. 

This is what happens to a farm wife that works in an office 8-5 and then gets sent to do barn chores 
without a chance to change...poopy Toms aren't cute!

And then the cows stare at you because they are use to entirely different outfits than your office garb

And farm babies like to drive tractors starting VERY early in life!

One of the Longhorn steers that greet me daily

And sometimes farm kids get all cleaned up and go to school dances!
This is Wyatt's 1st school dance...yes in Kindergarten! 

So there you have some glimpses into our farm life over the last 2 weeks.  
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thin Down Thursday: Motivation Lacking

Let's be honest...I like working out when I am in the routine of doing it,
but once I stop doing it I have a hard time starting back.  
Hence the 2 weeks of no real data to speak of.  
Now I can blame the snow and the big one's birthday celebrations all I want
but honestly it all starts with me.  

My motivation has been lacking...
heck somedays it's not existence.  
But that has got to change and the only one who can change it is...
well me!

And it starts today...right now actually!
I am going to just logged all my food for the day!
Which really makes me realize that I need to work out!

My goal for next week is to be down 15 lbs....
I don't think it's going to happen so be on the look out for my readjusted weigh loss goals 

until then here is this week's chart

Caci :) 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wrangler Wednesday: The Hubs

So I didn't blog last week therefore I missed dedicating 
Wrangler Wednesday to the hubs but here goes.

This is for the man who still takes my breathe away when he walks in the door 
(though now it could be from the smell...LOL J/K)

William recently celebrated a birthday so I dug up some of my favorite photos of him through the years
When God made this man he created one of the hardest working, most honest and caring people I know,  With an amazing heart and a true love for farming.

William and our first child Maggie...this pup literally went everywhere with us

Our engagement photo session 2004

Our first magazine photo shoot for Country Magazine in 2007

Holding his 1st born for the first time 2008

Helping Wyatt feed Calves 2010

Snowfight 2012

Hawaii 2012

Wyatt's favorite thing to do 

Clemson Football Game

One of my all time favorite pictures of him

A hard day's work

Supper with the boys

Thanksgiving 2012

One last lunch before we became a family of 4 (Feb 2013)

Getting ready to meet baby boy #2 (March 2013)

A Daddy & his boys (March 2013)

William & Waylon (Easter 2013)

Even after working 16 hours in the summer heat he still makes time to come home and play with the boys

Teaching Wyatt about working cows

This man has stacked millions of square bales of hay & always "guarantees his loads"

Dec at the beach with the boys

 Winter Weather Fun

Teaching takes patience and practice and Wyatt has given him some of both LOL

To an awesome daddy, husband and friend!  We love you more than words can say.
Thank you for all you do for us!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mommy Monday: 14 in 2014

So this year I have set 14 goals for myself.  If you want to check out why I picked these 14 read this.  We are 8 weeks into the new year and I thought today would be a great day to check in and see how I am doing!

1. Pray about everything!  
I still don't prayer nearly enough but each day I TRY to make sure I am in prayer.  I haven't been using my notebook as well as I should so I plan to pick that back up.  For me it helps to have a list so I know what I need pray about.  

2. Study Scripture Daily.
The last 2 weeks have been terrible.  I haven't been studying nearly enough.  Funny I have found myself to be more irritable and unorganized...i don't think it was just a coincidence  

3.  Tithe 1st, not last.
Still working on this one but we have been tithing more often.  It is officially now the 1st item in our budget as well!

4. Memorize 12 verses of Scripture
I need to step my game up!

5. Organize my life.
HaHaHa...not even sure we can call this a work in progress! I have updated our billing system on the computer but that it about the extent.

6. Declutter Our House
I have started this process.  I actually have taken off LOADS of stuff...but it just seems to multiply.  I had originally set up rooms for each month and while I have worked in those areas I wouldn't call them complete.  I did start in the boys room and made a good deal of headway but still have a LONG LONG way to go.  I did just purchase a new book I am hoping will encourage and inspire me in this task!
7. Set a daily schedule and stick to it!! 
Definitely need to work on this one!  I have overslept 4 of the last 5 days!

8. Pay off Debt!!!
I am excited to say I have made a huge dent in this area.  I have multiple accounts with a zero balance!!!  Next month I should be able to add 2 more accounts to that list!  YAY!!  I am hoping to start the envelope system with my next paycheck.  So we shall to get all my ducks in a row KWIM.

9. Put at least $1000 in our savings account for a rainy day fund
Not there yet but we do have some funds in our savings account which is exciting!

10.  Put at least $200 extra into each of the boy's savings account.
I have a plan for this but we will see how it works out.  Still need to open the baby's account instead of just letting it sit in his jar at the house LOL.  

11.  Do a family outing once a month.  
We did do a family outing in February for William's birthday.  I mean we went out for lunch...that counts right??  

12.  Exercise 3 times a week and include the boys as often as possible.  
This goal has been hit or miss.  Some weeks are great...others are not.  Hoping to improve as the weather gets warmer.  I have been working toward getting healthier and you can read more about that in the Thin Down Thursday feature on the blog.  

13.  Go on a date night just William & I once a month
We have yet to do this but we did get a 2 hour time slot one afternoon just the 2 of us...that counts right? 

14.  Post 60 blog post, plus keep our social media sites updated.
So far this is probably my most successful goal.  This post here means I'm 1/3 of my way to posting 60 times this year.  I have also been making sure I post regularly (at least once or twice a week) on our other SM sites!  

So there you have 8 week check in on my 14 goals.  Did you set goals for the New Year? Are you still working on them? Or have you tossed them?

Until next time


Friday, February 14, 2014

Thin Down Thursday

So this week has been CRAZY!  Last Thursday night I got called to judge a show on Saturday about 4 hours away in Georgia.  William and I made a quick decision to for me to do it, which means that I had to shuffle a million things around.  Wyatt birthday was Friday and I had to leave that evening to head south.  Sad day for this mommy!  But I was able to take off from the 8-5 and get things done for his party, thankfully it wasn't until Sunday. I was ecstatic because the show was located south of one of the town's I grew up in and they just happen to have the world's greatest bakery!!

Here I am in front of my favorite place.  It's sad but I was giddy with excitement over this place.  And a big shout out to my sister's bff for grabbing some bear claws on Friday just in case I couldn't make it before Saturday's closing time.

I was even kind enough to bring the boys home some yummy treats!  And I introduced my good friend Beth to this indulgence!  (Thanks Beth for tackling a road trip with me.)

 I got home Saturday evening and hit the ground running with party plans.  Sunday was a day full of decorating and celebrating the birthday boy.  You can check out all the party details from this post

 Tuesday morning it started snowing, really I had to walk my oldest into school in the SNOW!! Needless to say he got out early I however stayed at the office until 5.  I did run out before it got too bad and got William's birthday gift because his is Sunday.  It snowed and snowed and snowed some more.

  It finally stopped yesterday afternoon.

So what does all that have to do with my weight loss program?? Nothing for those more dedicated and full of willpower but for me a lot.  

I have been tempted, stressed, busy, and off schedule, so how did I do??

I maintained!! 
No chart this week but everything is the same.  
Since we will see close to 70's next week I hope to get back in routine.

Until then enjoy this picture of me savoring my favorite treat in the world!  


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wrangler Wednesday: A Southern Snowstorm

We don't get mountains of snow in the Southeast.  When we do things start to shut down.  Homegrown southerners realize they are the butt of numerous jokes to their counterparts in in the North & Midwest, and honestly we are ok with that!  Many of us get just as excited as the children do. 

We find the joy and the beauty that is missed by many of those who deal with the snow day in and day out for months.  A large number of our offices shut down and allow us time to spend with our families enjoying the winter weather.  This causes some transplants from other parts of the country to scoff and ridicule, but that's ok.  This is how we operate down South.  We close shop and enjoy extra time with family.  If that isn't ok with you I'm sorry but you are now "in our neck of the woods" so you play by our rules.  

The farm however doesn't shut down.  Cows still have to be fed, milked, and cared matter the weather.  This morning my hubby farmer rolled out of his warm bed, layered up and headed to the barn.  By the time most of us were rolling out of bed he had done a full days work...and I mean manual labor not pushing papers.  The boys and I didn't go to the dairy this morning but we did venture out to deliver packages to the post office for the Etsy shop, pick up some items I forgot, and to feed beef cows.  

I always enjoy feeding cows in the snow.  I love the way the pastures look different, the cows wait for you, and the warmth of the barns.  This morning was no different!  

So I am going to spend the rest of my snow day playing with my boys, filling orders, and trying to set up an "office" area for the shop.  Might even finally complete our business plan on paper!

   Until next time