Thin Me Down Thursday

Ok so almost two years ago I posted about a new feature on the blog Thin Me Down Thrusday
Well sad to say that was 2 YEARS AGO and I am only 5 lbs less than I was then.  
In my defense (mainly because I need to defend myself to well myself) I did find out in July of 2012 I was expecting baby #2, so I threw the rest of the year out the window.  

Yes, Yes I know I didn't have to but I did!  And then 2013 I had a new baby...and I tried a couple of times to get motivated but it just wasn't there.  So here we are again.  Dreading what number that scale will show me especially after my carb/fat loaded Arby's lunch.  

So what are my goals?
Where am I starting from?

My goals:
1. Exercise 3-4 days a week 
2. Make better food choices at each meal
3. Complete a 5K

Weight Loss
in 4 weeks lose 5 lbs (2/6/14)
in 8 weeks lose 15 lbs (3/6/14)
in 12 weeks lose 20 lbs (4/3/14)
in 20 weeks lose 30 lbs (5/30/14)

(It works out to losing a 1.5 lbs per week)

So where am I starting from?

My current height 5 feet 2.25 inches
Weight  205 lbs
Waist 49 inches
Hips 47 inches
Bust 46 inches
Pants Size 16-18

My Before Picture

So some may ask why I am doing this?  
Am I trying to get beach body ready? Fit into a bridesmaids dress?
No I want to show my kids that God blessed us with a body to care for 
and hardwork and good choices help us care for the blessings God gave us. 

William is a great example for the boys.
I am married to a man who can eat his weight in Oreos daily and not gain a pound,
however the reason is he works hard each and everyday.  He doesn't sit behind a desk,
he doesn't snack, he works.  His way of life is the same reason there were many obese people until the last 50 years or so.  All the calories he consumes he burns them off.  Daily the boys watch him chop wood, load hay, run across a field to head off a cow...he may not go to a gym but I would bet his strength and endurance against most men his age.  He shows them that hard work is a way of life...I on the other hand don't.  

So I want to change that.  Plus I want to be able to chase after them...and keep up!!
Anyone want to join me on this journey?  


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  1. I love what you said "He shows them that hard work is a way of life."--I want this to be true about me, too. And in every area of life! You are brave--and you can do it! :)