Thin Down Thursday Week 3

So we are a couple of weeks into this journey and honestly this week hasn't been great.
I as usual have eaten pretty much whatever I wanted.
I have cut down on portion sizes which I honestly think is a lot of my problem.
(I only ate 1/2 a foot long sub instead of the whole thing)

I didn't exercise nearly enough and I know that.
Only about 80 minutes total for 7 days.
Sad but's been cold and I have been unmotivated :(

I am still using weight watchers to track my food & activity and that does help me realize what and how much I am eating.  Over the next week I plan to compare my weight watchers app with a few others I have such as myfitnesspal and mapmyrun.  

I would like to see if tracking using either of the previous 2 systems will help me work toward my goal without me having to shell out $20/month.  I realize that there are 100's of apps out there however these are ones I have used in the past.  

So for my lack of will power and activity what do I have to show???
Here's this week's breakdown of measurements...I didn't have as much success but still the numbers are going down...YAY!!

My goals for next week?

At least 120 minutes of activity
Not to use all of my bonus points 

Until next time


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