Oh Dear What can the matter be & Thin Down Thursday

So I realized when I logged on to post my stats today for Thin Down Thursday...that the previous blog post never posted!!  So much for Blogger working from my phone!  

So if you missed Wrangler Wednesday it will be next week!.  

So how did my first week in my challenge go? 

Well let's just say I picked a heck of a week to try start this!  
I started this journey really years ago but restarted last Thursday,
and on Saturday (very early) I headed west to Texas for the Annual Farm Bureau Convention.

Do you see where I am going with this?
I mean yes there was lots of walking, but there were also lots of food & fun times to be had.

I did have the forethought before heading out to join Weight Watchers...mainly for accountability and to help me learn how to portion myself with food.  Have I mentioned I LOVE LOVE food?  All kinds really?

Anyways...for $19/month Weight Watchers helps me to reach my weight loss goals by telling me how many points I can eat each day.  Plus I get a few extra cheat points each week, that I can use and still lose weight.  In addition for every 10 minutes of activity I do I get a point and if the need arises I can swap those points out as well.  They do offer a no tracking plan as well if you don't want to keep up but for me that is a very needed part of this exercise!  I of course downloaded the app for my phone so I can keep up with it on the go.  

Last week  I went above my daily target each day!  Not really my goal but it happened.  I used up all my extra too and had to swap in some points as well :( I didn't change my eating habits at all.  You may be wondering well that was a waste of money...but actually no.  It gave me a good look at how I regularly eat.  

Did I mention I went to a convention?  In San Antonio?  The riverwalk?
Yeah it was beautiful!  I was actually able to log 4 hours and 15 mins worth of exercise last week!!  That was up probably 1,000% from the week before!  So with that said...last week, my first week was pretty darn successful!

Here's the breakdown

I did learn that I need to do better about tracking my Healthy Checks on WW and being sure to curb my portion sizes.  I have been slacking off on the diet cokes in favor of more water as well.  

Can't wait to see what next week brings!


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