Mommy Monday: Have my New Year's resolutions even made a week??

Statistics show that most people drop their New Year's resolutions within 30 days!  
So basically we don't even finish the month of January before we throw our hands in the air.  

I, for one, can completely understand why.
It's cold outside and all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch "Bones" on Netflix,
which by the way I think I have now successfully replaced "Transformers" and "Superman" with "Bones" as most watched....I'm sure Wyatt will remedy that soon and cuddle these two kiddos.

Anyways this year I have set 14 goals for myself.  I didn't necessarily lay out a plan for how to accomplish each on but I'm working on them daily.  So let's check in and see how it's going.

1. Pray about EVERYTHING!
This is a huge commitment for me.  Please don't get me wrong I pray regularly, daily, some days hourly however I don't think I have ever taken everything to God in prayer.  I'm trying.

2. Study Scripture Daily
I'm not able to spend an hour each day in God's word.  I would love to spend HOURS each day but that's not practical, however I am immersed in His word daily.  

3. Tithe 1st, not last.
I do all my budgeting with Excel and I have redesigned our 2014 spreadsheet with tithing 1st.  Now to lots of folks that's not a big deal however to me it's huge because where you fall in the spreadsheet is how it comes out of my account.  So right off the top my tithes are accounted for and checks written.  

4. Memorize 12 verses of Scripture.
I have already began working on this.  My first verse is 1 John 1:9 "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."  

5. Organize my life
This is going to be a difficult journey however I have been working towards it by working on completing my Home Management Binder (future post), dusting off my calendar, and setting up my notebook.  I have even gone paperless for some bills and started scheduling payments based on my budget. 

I was able to at least be organized enough to contain the baby while feeding heifers :) 

6. Declutter our house
Umm...does mopping the bathroom floor count as decluttering??  I haven't really tackled this one yet.  This month's room is the bathroom.  I have been pinning some great ideas on how to better organize our 1 bath however there hasn't been much clutter busting.  This is a one room or area/month goal so I still have 25 days to accomplish this!

7.  Set a daily schedule and stick to it..
Yeah, no...really need to set that schedule so I have an idea of what to stick to :) 

8. Pay off Debt.
I do have our budgeting done based on our current salaries for the 1st 1/2 of the year.  By June 1st we should have paid off a large chunk of our debts and be able to pay extra monthly on the remainder all the while putting money in savings!

9. Put at least $1000 in savings for a rainy day
Like I mentioned above we are working on this through budgeting at the moment and we are on track to be 1/2 to our goal by June 1st.  

10. Put $200 extra into each boy's savings account
I have been confounded about how to do this without just handing money over to our sons.  Obviously the baby can't "earn" his money yet so we will just be padding his account but our oldest can "work" for his.  We are researching the best way to do this.  If you have any suggestions please let us know!  I don't want it attached to chores as we believe those jobs are part of being a family and helping out...not something you get paid for.  

11. Do a family outing once a month
This might be harder than I originally thought however we are still working on it.  We haven't done one yet this month but plenty of time to still to fit it in. 

12. Exercise 3 times/week (include the boys)
So in 6 days I believe I can count 3 that were exercise if I can count rolling out bales of hay and feeding square bales as exercise.  I have logged one formal day of exercise as well.  Wyatt and I have a workout date schedule for when I get off the 8-5.  

13. Go on a date night (just William & I) once a month
I still have 25 days to make this happen right??  

14. Post 60 blog post.
Have 2 down and 58 more to go :) I do have a few things up my sleeves and a couple already schedule.  I'm excited about this!  Plus my new favorite app is Flipagram!! Here's one I made about the farm :) 

So there you have it...I've made it 6 days and haven't completely shredded the list yet.  


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