Farm Boy Friday: What SC Farm Boys do in the SNOW

I realize that for some of you snow and ice are just a part of a normal winter day,
however for those of us FAR FAR below the Mason-Dixon Line it's a BIG deal.

I mean really...didn't you see the news from Alabama & Atlanta.  
I feel very bad for all of those affected but originally hailing from South Georgia, 
Atlanta makes me giggle...because well a lot of those folks are ones that grew up 
"up north" and they "know" how to drive in winter weather.  

Anyways...around our area the weather didn't start until late Tuesday afternoon.
At 4 there was nothing by 5 this was my car's front window.

By the time we got home...this was what it looked like.

Needless to say I had one little boy dying to play, sled, build a snowman, and do all the other fun things kids love to do in the snow, so slowing down for Momma to take pictures was no fun.  Baby boy however...this was his first snow.  He was thoroughly unimpressed as far as I could tell.  

But just because it snowed in SC doesn't mean the hubby got off early, 
or that cows didn't need to be fed...

he still had to fix lights on one of the tractors,
so we waited on him to really play 

The big kid loved it!  And that the same one William used as a child...perhaps even Nana.
Here's a throwback to one of Wyatt's first rides on that sled

He was such a cutie...

So needless to say yesterday the schools and the county was shut down. 
Today the schools are still closed and the county was delayed.  

Here's a few more pictures from yesterday...

Oh & the baby got to have his 1st Snow Cream...which of course he LOVED!

And I would love to share snow covered cow photos with you but I wasn't able to get any yesterday because my phone died about the time we were feeding up :( 
Maybe next time~ which from what weather forecasters are saying maybe as early as next weekend.
If it must come I pray it's here and gone by next Sunday (2/9) at 2 or I am going to have one very unhappy 6 year old!  

Until next time stay warm where you are 
(it's going to be close to 60 here Sunday).


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