Sometimes I forget

So sometimes I forget this little address of mine and then I feel guilty for not posting.  At some point my brain has a convo that goes something like this...

"umm Hello, you know that you are a 'blogger' so to speak right...yeah I guess...well don't you think you should WRITE something...probably but I AM SOOOO BUSY...yeah I suppose those 2 hours you spent pinning new hairstyles was hardwork ;)" 

Wyatt & Waylon on their Great-Great Grandfather's Restored John Deere

We all know that life gets busy and we fall behind from time to time.  
For me I feel like it's more often than not but I'm working on it.
(Please don't remind me about my goals for the year)

Life is always on the farm is too,
no matter the season you can find work to be done.

Let's just glance back over the last 2 weeks.

work my regular 8-5 job,

take kids to the doctor (again)...this time we had Fifths disease,

 meetings with our group who are traveling to San Antonio in January,
(Our county has been selected as one of 24 counties across the country to show how we help educate the public about agriculture.)  
 a County Farm Bureau meeting to attend,
Training sessions where we discuss current agriculture issues,

Feed baby calves,

pack Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes (future post),

kissing boo-boos on our cruiser,

 sewing up a storm to complete orders for the Etsy shop & preparing for a craft show

Thanksgiving celebrations with the family,

 Shattered back glass on SUV,

visits to the hospital and nursing home to see PawPaw,
& this doesn't include the daily work going on at the farm of 
planting wheat, feeding cows, milking, hauling hay, fixing the mixer wagon, checking beef cows, and much much more.

And the Christmas season makes our lives even more hectic.
However our family is taking a few moments to remember the true reason we celebrate each day.
With an advent calendar,
by donating food,
adopting a child for Christmas,
preparing our hearts. 

Stay tuned later this week for more on all of the above!

Until next time...


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