Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is tough,
even if you know you will see someone you love the next day or the next week...
heck even the next year.
But when you say goodbye on earth to meet again in Heaven, 
it's extremely hard.

This week has been a hard one.
This week we said goodbye to someone our family dearly loved,
admired, respected, and treasured.

William's grandfather, Daniel "Dan" Reid Hall passed away on December 14th.
On the 17th we laid him to rest.

Needless to say it was rough for all of us.  

He was a treasure of a man.  
He loved me just as I was one of his own grandkids,
and he loved my boys even more.

We are sadden to no longer have him here with us,
but rejoice knowing he's with the Lord.

Probably talking about the weather and cows.  

PawPaw you will be greatly missed!

We love you lots!

PawPaw & his favorite cow Pet

Wyatt & PawPaw fishing 2011

PawPaw & Waylon April 2013

At Waylon's Baptism June 2013

PawPaw & Wyatt Easter 2009

PawPaw & Wyatt April 2009

PawPaw & Wyatt March 2009

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