Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 A Year in Review Pictures

January 2013 Sunset... a beautiful way to start off the year

Loving on baby lambs

Our big boy turned 5!

Lunch with Momma & Daddy

Snow days

The view from my kitchen window

Our newest addition...Waylon Reid born March 16, 2013

Waylon returned to the hospital for 24 hours

Easter 2013

Holding Waylon for the 1st time

His chair...I will forever treasure this photo

3 amigos on the last day of Preschool

Preschool graduation

Working cows with Daddy 

Family vacation to Florida for Scotty's graduation

Waylon's Baptism...a great way to spend Father's day 2013

Sweet Summertime & sweeter friends

Fishing at PawPaws

Precious moments

6 months

We lost this sweet young lady in a tragic auto accident in September...Sara Ann is greatly missed!

Hauling Hay with the family

Front page news 3 times this year!

Riversweep 2013

Friends & Soccer

How Waylon spent his time at soccer games

Packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child

Halloween 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Brotherly love

Nap time

The beach in December 

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

From our family to yours we wish you a Blessed New Year!  

Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 5 post in 2013

It was interesting to see what the top 5 most read blog post were in 2013.  

I'm not sure what this says about my blog maybe that it's more of a mommy blog than I thought but this is what people read the most of in 2013.

Number 5:

Number 4:

Number 3:

Number 2:

Number 1: 

See what I mean!  4 of the top 5 are not farming focused...is that a bad thing...no just an interesting observation in my world


2013 Goals Reviewed

First off, wow!  Where has 2013 gone?  

I mean really I feel like just yesterday I posted about my 2013 goals.  And now I am writing about the how the goals worked out! So how did I do??
Exactly what were my goals for 2013?  Well here they are...

1. Memorize 24 verses of scripture.
 I didn't quite make 24 verses.  However I have committed more scripture to heart this year than ever before!  So YAY for improvement.  

2. Let go of the fear and anxiety that consumes parts of my day.  Pray more often and let God guide me.  
I feel like I definately made improvements in this area but still have a long way to go. 

3. Read through the ENTIRE Bible in one year.  
Yea, no this didn't happen not even by a long shot.  I would like to blame it on being a slow reader however its more because I am a slacker!

4. Spend more time focusing on my family.  
This was one goal that I feel like was completely successful!  I cut out some of my commitments prior to having baby boy #2 and this gave me time to focus on our family.  It also gave me time to really prioritize many things in life.  

5. Finally get my house, office, and life organized.  
Yea, another no.  We are still working towards this goal.  I did however get rid of 15 30 gallon trash bags of stuff this year.  However apparently it needs to be more like 150!!

6. To use my blog more effectively.  For me this means one posting more often.  Last year I posted 37 new post and gained followers however this year I want to do more.  I have a goal of 500 followers by 12/31/13, but to reach this goal I must give my followers content.  
Well I did post...3 more post than I did the previous year.  SO I guess I did provide a little more content than in the past.  However I don't have 500 followers on my blog but the between the blog, the blog's Facebook page and the farm's Facebook page we have 504 followers!!  I still need to work on getting on a blogging schedule that works well for me and my style.  We will see what the new year brings!

7. To advocate for agriculture more often and to be more vocal about issues affecting agriculture in our community.     
I feel like I have stepped up on this.  Talking with more folks locally and with my elected officials about agricultural issues.  I still need to work on blogging about them more. 


Friday, December 20, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is tough,
even if you know you will see someone you love the next day or the next week...
heck even the next year.
But when you say goodbye on earth to meet again in Heaven, 
it's extremely hard.

This week has been a hard one.
This week we said goodbye to someone our family dearly loved,
admired, respected, and treasured.

William's grandfather, Daniel "Dan" Reid Hall passed away on December 14th.
On the 17th we laid him to rest.

Needless to say it was rough for all of us.  

He was a treasure of a man.  
He loved me just as I was one of his own grandkids,
and he loved my boys even more.

We are sadden to no longer have him here with us,
but rejoice knowing he's with the Lord.

Probably talking about the weather and cows.  

PawPaw you will be greatly missed!

We love you lots!

PawPaw & his favorite cow Pet

Wyatt & PawPaw fishing 2011

PawPaw & Waylon April 2013

At Waylon's Baptism June 2013

PawPaw & Wyatt Easter 2009

PawPaw & Wyatt April 2009

PawPaw & Wyatt March 2009