Throwback Thursday

This week we took the time around our house to remember someone very near and dear to my heart.  My Granddaddy would have celebrated his 78th birthday on Tuesday of this week, sadly he passed away 14 years ago.  My boys never got to meet him but digging up old pictures made me realize that my boys do have some of his features.  Wyatt has his ears and cheek structure.  Waylon looks as if he is going to have his browline and his soft, thinner hair.  

This is the man who first taught me to appreciate hard work & agriculture.  He developed a love in me for many things.  I think part of the reason I am partial to pigs had to do with the fact that he raised them when I was a child.  I loved to ride in the combine with him harvesting peanuts and corn.  I was his sidekick from the time I could walk.  He is greatly missed but will always be a huge influence in my life.  

This picture was given to me recently by my Dad.  The young lady to the far left is his Mom's his Grandmother, my Great Grandmother.  In addition she has her hand on the knee of my Great-Great Grandmother and the lady in the center holding the Bible is my Great-Great-Great Grandmother.  What you might not be able to tell from this picture is the striking resemblance to me as a child.  

Here is the only photo I can find digitally at the moment 

So there you go...another throwback...(don't you love my sister's BIG hair!)

I always enjoying looking at old photos especially of family.  

Until next time!


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