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As some of you may know I have been reviewing Courtney Joseph's new book...Women Living Well.  Courtney blog over at a little spot known by the same name.  I stumbled across Courtney's blog a few years back and have been an avid reader ever since. 

Just so you know...I have kinda consider Courtney to be my polar opposite.  She is a stay at home mom, who homeschools her 2 kids and blogs.  Her husband travels some for work and they go on vacation annually. And let's not forget she is always put together and stylish in her videos and her house is spotless.  

In case you were unsure...I DO NOT live that life.   

I work outside the home from 8-5, have 2 boys, an Etsy shop, tons of volunteer commitments and let's not forget a husband who farms full-time and needs help regularly.  Plus all the house work and such that must get done.  In short, my time at home is minimum, my house is almost always a wreck, I am rarely stylish and usually not even put together...heck who am I kidding I'm happy if I match!  

Now you can read into those paragraphs all you want.  You can read bitterness, contempt, maybe even unhappiness but none of that is he case (well at least not anymore, maybe a little of all was present a few years ago).  Something hit me one day reading her blog and hit home even more while reading her book...who am I listening to... God or the news media, social media, friends, Satan?  God has a plan for me and for Courtney.  They aren't the same and they are not cookie cutter.  God has a different plan and path for each person on earth and we must have faith in him to care for us on that journey.  Neither of us know his plan for our life, we must pray about it and follow the path that he provides while we cling to him.  

So without further ado let's dig into Courtney's book!

Originally I had planned to review this book in 4 very detailed post however I believe I am going to save those for later.  Perhaps you would like to join me for a book study in the month of November?  Each week we will focus on one section of the book.  

This book has made me laugh, cry, get mad, and humbled me.  230 pages of amazing insights, stories and suggestions.  Courtney wrote this book as if she was sitting down with each one of us personally.  Having a chat over coffee and we were able to ask her any question we wanted.  She, like any good friend, pushed you to dig deeper and grow closer to God.  She shares what her real life is like in her journey of "Walking with the King".  She also makes sure that you know that your journey and her's are not the same.  We may have the same desires, to grow closer to the Lord, but our paths to get there are very different.  She does a great job of pointing this out.  Gentle encouragement is offered throughout the chapters to help you shed light on your circumstances.  Explanations and encouragement on how to crave out time throughout the day to be in God's word, how to find your happily ever after, how as a mom you will mess up (but that's okay), and how to make your house a haven for your family.  This book is a must read for all women no matter where you are on your "Wallk with the King."  Courtney's straightforward conversational style will help you grow closer to the Lord.  One of my favorite quotes from the book is "It's okay to cry to him.  He cares- He loves you so."  This simple statement can mean so much in our hour of despair.  

I can't wait to begin a book study with all of you starting on November 4th!  One lucky reader will be able to win a signed copy of Women Living Well!  Enter below!  

Until next time....

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  1. Amen, sister!! I'm so happy to read posts from Christian Sisters who are "like me." At the center of it all, we are the same: God's daughters. Blessings!

    1. Wendy thanks for the comment! It's always nice to find someone out there that we can relate too!

  2. Yup, I work full-time as an RN 40 hours a week, my husband works full time too, we have one 9yr old son and his 90 yr old mother with early stages of Alzheimers who also lives with us. It's a busy life.

    1. Kelly I will be praying for you. My husband grandfather, with whom we are very close also suffers from the disease. Being a caregiver to them can be very difficult especially emotionally. Thanks for the comment!