Wrangler Wednesday: Farm Life

Like all working moms, even though I only "work" from 8-5 my job doesn't stop at 5.
I still have kids, a house & a husband to care for.
But some days I also have to throw in helping around the farm as well.

Being part of a family farm means that it takes the whole family to make it work...

Yes we feed cows with the tractor but someone still has to open/close gates
new baby calves are fed on bottles and milkers are put on by hand...it takes at least 3 people WORKING to make milking go smoothly...

Even the boys have to deal with the heat and the hay to make sure we get enough bales in the barn before winter....

Every once in a while Daddy gets home before dark and everyone enjoys some much needed family time

And some days...farm boys show off
Wyatt & his buddy were featured on the front page of our local paper

& Wyatt again on the front of the Local/State Section of the regional paper

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