Learning to Walk with the King

We all know life is crazy.  
Add in working a full time job, 
being a wife to a wonderful, hardworking man
 and a mom to 2 little boys
 and you have a recipe for chaos.
  (And I didn't even mention the farm, LOL).  

To add to my chaos we throw in extra curricular (baseball, soccer, & 4-H),
volunteer commitments in our community & church,
plus my 2 side jobs (an Etsy shop & selling Avon)
and people question when I sleep...
heck sometimes I question 
when I sleep especially since the baby doesn't sleep through the night yet!

But amid all of this I have felt a pull,
a tug to dig deeper into my walk with the Lord.  
I am part of a Good Morning Girls group (which I love),
& part of a women's Bible study group at church, 
but I felt like I personally by myself needed more.

A little while back I while reading one of my favorite blogs, Women Living Well,
I saw a call for readers of Courtney's new book by the same title.  
With little hesitation I shot a message over letting them know that I would be delighted to join in.  
Honestly, I didn't think I would get picked.  
I have never reviewed a book,
I'm not a consistent blogger with tons of followers,
I'm just me...

A few weeks went by and I received an email...
low and behold I was selected to review the book!!
To say I was excited was a slight understatement.  
I quickly downloaded the book and began to devour it...
but not far into it something told me to slow down...
take the book one step at a time...
really let it sink in and stick!  

So I stopped...yes completely stopped reading the book for a few days.
When I picked it up again I did so with new eyes,
an open heart and an open Bible.  
You see the book is all about 
"Finding Your Joy in God, Your Man, Your Kids, and Your Home."
Devouring the book wasn't going to help me. 
I needed to sit down with the book,
a good cup of coffee and my Bible,
so that I might find my joy.

So as I go through this book piece by piece I plan to share it with you.
My thoughts, my ideas, and how the book is helping me to 
"Walk with the King." 

Courtney has made this pretty easy for me as the book is divided into
4 parts: Your Walk with the King, Your Marriage, Your Parenting, & Your Homemaking.
Honestly delving into some of those areas frighten me.
Do I really want to know what the Bible says...
Do I really want to know how far I am from the woman God has called me to be?
Well I don't know, but I do know that God has called me to read this book 
and apply it in my life.  

So stay tuned as I review this book.  

How can you get your hands on a copy?
You can pre order a copy now and get a great added bonus!  
The book officially releases on October 1st!  


you can enter to win a copy from my blog!!

Until next time,


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