Monday, September 30, 2013

Mommy Monday: Happy Fall Y'all

Fall is by far one of my favorite times of the year.  
One because I love the cool mornings and the perfect afternoons
but also because it's harvest season!  

Farms all over are picking pumpkins, 

Filling barns up with hay for the upcoming winter

checking fences

baling hay

and on watch as fall calving season has begun.  

But as just as we prepare on the farm for the upcoming winter
Fall is a great time to prepare our homes and our hearts.  

I am participating in the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge over at Women Living Well.  
Join me and help turn your home into a haven for your family.  Each Monday in October Courtney will post a new part of the challenge with an awesome giveaway!  This week it's 12 Large Jar Candles from Yankee Candle!  This week the challenge is to light a candle daily in the hub of your home and each time the candle catches your eye, say a prayer for peace in your home.  Honestly I will probably take that prayer a bit further and pray not only for peace but good health and God's blessing on our home.  But you can do whatever feels right to you!  Don't forget to hop over here Tuesday-Friday to see my review of Courtney's new book that releases TOMORROW, Women Living Well. (PS If you purchase it today you get 10 free E books as well).  

Until Next time,


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wrangler Wednesday: Farm Life

Like all working moms, even though I only "work" from 8-5 my job doesn't stop at 5.
I still have kids, a house & a husband to care for.
But some days I also have to throw in helping around the farm as well.

Being part of a family farm means that it takes the whole family to make it work...

Yes we feed cows with the tractor but someone still has to open/close gates
new baby calves are fed on bottles and milkers are put on by takes at least 3 people WORKING to make milking go smoothly...

Even the boys have to deal with the heat and the hay to make sure we get enough bales in the barn before winter....

Every once in a while Daddy gets home before dark and everyone enjoys some much needed family time

And some boys show off
Wyatt & his buddy were featured on the front page of our local paper

& Wyatt again on the front of the Local/State Section of the regional paper

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Learning to Walk with the King

We all know life is crazy.  
Add in working a full time job, 
being a wife to a wonderful, hardworking man
 and a mom to 2 little boys
 and you have a recipe for chaos.
  (And I didn't even mention the farm, LOL).  

To add to my chaos we throw in extra curricular (baseball, soccer, & 4-H),
volunteer commitments in our community & church,
plus my 2 side jobs (an Etsy shop & selling Avon)
and people question when I sleep...
heck sometimes I question 
when I sleep especially since the baby doesn't sleep through the night yet!

But amid all of this I have felt a pull,
a tug to dig deeper into my walk with the Lord.  
I am part of a Good Morning Girls group (which I love),
& part of a women's Bible study group at church, 
but I felt like I personally by myself needed more.

A little while back I while reading one of my favorite blogs, Women Living Well,
I saw a call for readers of Courtney's new book by the same title.  
With little hesitation I shot a message over letting them know that I would be delighted to join in.  
Honestly, I didn't think I would get picked.  
I have never reviewed a book,
I'm not a consistent blogger with tons of followers,
I'm just me...

A few weeks went by and I received an email...
low and behold I was selected to review the book!!
To say I was excited was a slight understatement.  
I quickly downloaded the book and began to devour it...
but not far into it something told me to slow down...
take the book one step at a time...
really let it sink in and stick!  

So I stopped...yes completely stopped reading the book for a few days.
When I picked it up again I did so with new eyes,
an open heart and an open Bible.  
You see the book is all about 
"Finding Your Joy in God, Your Man, Your Kids, and Your Home."
Devouring the book wasn't going to help me. 
I needed to sit down with the book,
a good cup of coffee and my Bible,
so that I might find my joy.

So as I go through this book piece by piece I plan to share it with you.
My thoughts, my ideas, and how the book is helping me to 
"Walk with the King." 

Courtney has made this pretty easy for me as the book is divided into
4 parts: Your Walk with the King, Your Marriage, Your Parenting, & Your Homemaking.
Honestly delving into some of those areas frighten me.
Do I really want to know what the Bible says...
Do I really want to know how far I am from the woman God has called me to be?
Well I don't know, but I do know that God has called me to read this book 
and apply it in my life.  

So stay tuned as I review this book.  

How can you get your hands on a copy?
You can pre order a copy now and get a great added bonus!  
The book officially releases on October 1st!  


you can enter to win a copy from my blog!!

Until next time,


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer Sundays coming to an end

Tomorrow marks the end of the "official" summer season for many.  For us down here it seems like summer just showed up last week.  We have had an unseasonably cool summer with lots of rain.  Which is good for many but is a double edged sword for farmers.  

Our church celebrates homecoming the 1st Sunday of September each year and this year was no different.  Today brought friends and families home to our church to worship and fellowship together.  I hate that our family had to miss the fellowship time as our oldest has caught a stomach bug.  He spilled his cookies twice before service started (once in the church parking lot) so William took him to his parents and the baby & I went to service.  I had to teach children's church today otherwise we probably all would have headed out and not gotten to see anyone. 

As I look back over this summer season smiles come to my face, tears to my eyes and joy & sorrow to my heart.  

We began summer by heading south to Florida to attend my nephew's high school graduation.  

We were able to spend some much needed time with my sister and her family plus take the boys to the ocean.  

Wyatt helped his daddy at the farm every weekday this summer

Went to some minor league baseball games

We had the baby's baptism

Baled & hauled hay and straw between the storms

had an amazing Vacation Bible School at church 

Spent some time relaxing at the pool

while Wyatt learned to swim

PawPaw celebrated his 83rd birthday

Wyatt learned that sometimes farms change when we decided after 22 years of having sheep to sell the remainder for the flock

We were able to spend time with friends who we don't see nearly enough and are counting down the days until they are back state side.

I got a new office and moved to a new building 

Wyatt started Kindergarten

And football season kicked off
William and I celebrated our 8th anniversary.

But through all that joy there was sorrow and pain as well.  

My great uncle passed away at the age of 93.  He was one of the biggest influences in my life.  He taught me how to drive a truck, never fussing because I scraped the entire passenger side of his truck with a post when I misjudge the gate.  Or when I didn't catch that cow & calf the first 10 times we tried.  

We still have acres and acres of hay that needs to be cut.  And some fields with the 1st cutting of hay still in it.  SC has been declared a disaster area due to the amount of rain we have received this summer.  Our livestock rely on this hay through the winter months to help provide them with enough to eat.

One of my closest friends sent her sweet baby girl home to Jesus before we ever had a chance to really meet her. I can't imagine the pain of coming home from the hospital empty handed.  I still cry for her daily.  I can't begin to fathom how she is getting through the day.  

Our niece got so close (within 18 hours) to getting a much needed kidney transplant to discover the donor kidney was not going to be the best choice for her.  So again they wait... The emotional roller coaster for her parents is huge.  The excitement, disappointment, hope, and discouragement is more than many can handle. 

But through all of it we learn more about ourselves and God's plan for our life.  As I laid in bed the other  night with tears streaming William gently reminded me that our life is God's will and no matter how much we plan if it isn't in his plan it will not be accomplished.  He also reminded me of this verse:

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.  (Philippians 4:13, ESV)

and that God doesn't ask us to do anything by ourselves. 

So how has your summer been?  How has God worked in  your life?  Watch out for a post later this week about how God used Jennie Allen's book "Anything" to help me through the summer. 

Until next time,