Wrangler Wednesday: 1st Day of Kindergarten!

So my lil' man isn't so little anymore! 
If you remember a couple of years back he dropped out of our school district's Montessori preschool.  
Then last year we had an awesome experience at a local church preschool.
He started Kindergarten today at one of the 5 elementary schools in our district.
He was very excited!  I think a few things helped the lil man...
1. He knows his teacher and his teacher knows him
2. He's at a school that is filled with family and friends (even if they aren't in his classroom)
3.  He's ready for new experiences

So how did we kick off this new chapter in our life??

Last night we sorted through and made sure we had all the items on his supply list.
And packed his book bag...we are not morning people 
(funny isn't it since hubs is a dairy farmer).
Also I knew if I didn't pack everyone's bags up the night before
 something would get left at home.
(Ask Nana about the day I since milk for the baby but no bottle)

At his request I packed him a lunch.  I did everything but the sandwich the night before.  
Yes I realize that you can't see any thing but PB&J and some snacks 
but I promise there are some fruits in there as well.  

This morning I got him up 10 minutes earlier than he "has to" so that he could get some play time with Waylon and get going...did I mention he's not a morning person.
He was hesitant to let me take pictures but he knew it wasn't worth the fight 
I was going to do it anyways!  HA!  I finally won one!

We actually left exactly on time for school!!  Please write that down!! I did something on TIME!!!
It took us about 10 minutes to get to the school and another 5 in traffic.  Since it was the first day...baby boy and I of course walked him into his room.  He insisted on having a picture with his baby brother before we got out of the car.  

Walking into school he was a little overwhelm by seeing some of the older kids.   

But once he got onto his hallway and into his classroom he was fine, well at least he was after a bathroom visit.  Apparently he forgot to "go" before we left home.  He settled right into his assigned seat and told me bye before I was even ready to leave...I left anyways.  The kid never shed a tear...I on the otherhand held them back until I was in the privacy of my own car and then I might have let a few out...

I created him a memory page using the Back to School Interview idea ... I love this idea and it has been all over Pinterest.  I also took a ton of other pictures as well, but didn't want to bore you with ALL of them!  I found this great back to school photo check list yesterday and while I didn't take all of the pictures on the list yet.  I am well on my way to knocking it out.  I typically will be at work when he gets off the bus but today this mommy will be waiting, camera ready for that Kodak moment. 

So that's how we got out the door on day 1...let's see how tomorrow goes. And a BIG Thanks to Mrs. Knight & Mrs. Whitesides for taking such good care of our little man.

Until next time...


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