Wow! I'm behind

So it just hit me today that I missed my blog anniversary or blogaversary!

I started blogging in late June of can check out my first post here
I definitely had a different view in the beginning of how this blog would work and all the features I would do.  But this blog is about our farm life, our faith, and our family.  As scattered as it sometimes seems this blog is the truest reflection of me as a wife, mom and person.  

Some weeks I'm obsessed with sewing and others I would prefer to be scrapping lots (please don't tell William).  My main goal of this blog has remained the same over the last 4 share with you a glimpse into the life of a farm let you know that we are some giant corporation or evil doers...we are just everyday people who find joy in hardwork and a different way of life than the majority of Americans.  
Here are a few pictures to show you why I missed the blogaversary!

It has rained more in the last few weeks than I have ever known it to rain in the summertime here...rain=mud around the farm.

More rain also means weeds grow extremely quickly!  Our poor garden had been being neglected.

Wyatt has been working with William more and more.  Which is a great way for them to bond but it meant last Friday I had to take him to the Dr. because he had a serve allergic reaction to chiggers.  BTW
 Wyatt loved that he could fit into the post hole.

Also this week my office moved from our tiny hometown to the "big town" about 20 minutes farther away.
So I have spent my week unpacking boxes and getting somewhat organized...

And then of course there is this precious baby boy who requires some TLC regularly

My goofy husband and boys...yes I realize Waylon is looking like "Really Mom"

I hope all of you have a great weekend!

Until Next time....


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