Teach Me Tuesday

Last week was VBS week at our church.  
It was a great week...
a long, hard week but great!  
Here are some pics

I love that our older boys got into the opening skits each night

Craft time is always a big hit

We have some very talented artists and some dedicated decorators!

Not to mention some awesome Bible Story tellers who each year are willing to dress up as everything from Angels, 90 year old pregnant Sarah, or last year I believe there was also a vulture :)

even our tiny tots love VBS

Practicing for our closing program is always a must.

All those things are great but the best part has been the work I have seen in my oldest.
Wyatt has insisted on playing the music CD from VBS each time we have gotten into the car.
And not just the fun, catching tunes but also the ones that really have meat to them.

His current favorite one (and mine too) is "Use Me".  I love this song...
one he's either quiet while it plays or singing along with it...
but also the words are so powerful...

Use me Jesus use me.  Take this life of mine and use me.
Use me Jesus use me.  Keep me by your side and use me.

All I want is to be with you, to ever praise you in all I do.
Teach me Father to learn your ways, and walk with me each day.

Mould me make me, what you would have me be.
I only want to serve you faithfully. Help me Father to truly see

Teaching our children is extremely important...especially teaching them about Jesus.
Check out my Pinterest board Teaching My Children to find amazing ways to teach your children.  

Until Next time....


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