Farm Boy Friday

Over the past month or so I have been following Wyatt around periodically
trying to help him learn his role around the farm.

He's too little for some jobs and too loud for others...
but here are a few of the things he has done to help out

many times he's a measuring stick when growing crops...
he loves to go check hay, wheat or silage fields and report back how much that field has grown

He enjoys sharing his experience on the farm with others

Working cows with Daddy is always a favorite...even if it means he just gets to shut the gate

collecting eggs is his job...I can't stand to be too close to a hen so this falls to him...
which I have to say since the hen is setting a group of eggs he obviously hasn't been doing his job very well :)

Again check hay fields and fences 

watering the garden

helping out in the parlor bring in rags or dipping cows

pushing cows into the milk line

I love this picture of him.  After years of watching others push he has learned a couple of valuable lessons...
1. he can count to 8 and knows that 8+8=16 (we milk 8 cows in each line)
2. He knows the various breeds of dairy cattle
3. He knows that he must push the cattle slowly so that they don't hurt him or themselves

I love raising our boys on the family farm.  

Until next time...


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