Mommy Monday: Milk Cows & Mommy Nursing Tips

WOW! Our newest addition, Waylon, is rapidly approaching 8 weeks old!

  It has been a whirlwind 8 weeks.  I went back to work part time at about 5 weeks.  

  I have had to adjust to having 2 boys instead of just one. 
 We have started up our busy time not only on the farm
 (planting, cutting silage, working cows and calves, etc) 
but also life in general has been more busy.

Wyatt playing T-Ball in 2011, age 3

Wyatt playing T-ball, 2012

Wyatt's 1st Super T-Ball game, 2013

  Baseball (or T-ball in our case) has begun, Vacation Bible School planning is in full swing, along with planning for our Miss York County Livestock pageant and our fall livestock show.  

On top of it all this baby experience has been very different from Wyatt's for a variety of reasons but the number one reason is because Waylon is EBF or exclusively breastfed.  I tried breastfeeding Wyatt however it only lasted about 6 weeks and even that was a struggle.  Wyatt was supplemented prior to leaving the hospital, but that's not what hurt and ultimately ended our breastfeeding.  This time around I was determined to make breastfeeding work, not only because it's a healthy option and considered the best option but also because I'm cheap and breastmilk is free.  

There are many days (especially in the evening) that I feel like one of our milk cows.  

I am either pumping

 or nursing for 4+ hours each day, 7 days a week. 

 I secretly sometime envy the cows because they only milk approximately 15 minutes a day, their food is delivered to them, it doesn't matter if they leak milk everywhere, and no one cares if they spend the majority of their day napping in the sun. 

 But then again they don't get many options life and they can't shop, search Pinterest or share a million baby photos on Facebook a cow's life isn't that great, but it's pretty comfy.   

If you are a breastfeeding mom you know there are some pains associated with nursing that you don't expect.  There is also a learning curve for both you and the baby that no one ever seems to tell you about.  Since I live with a lactation consultant of sorts I assumed he could address many of my questions.  Boy was I wrong!  Just because all mammals give milk doesn't mean we all do it the same way!  

I have had the benefit of finding a great HUMAN lactation consultant that I can meet with once a week for free if needed during a Breastfeeding Support Group at a local hospital.  There is a wonderful online mommies group in my area where I can turn for support and advice at anytime of day or night, which is part of the national network, The Mommies Network.

I have struggled some however I am committed to making this work for us.  If you are a breastfeeding mom or plan to breastfeed I have a few suggestions/tips:

1. Make sure you are committed to breastfeeding (no matter the ups and downs)
If you are not committed to BFing it's not going to workout for you well.  

2. Set aside time to do some research about BF prior to birth (bookmark/pin these sites for future reference)

3. Find a support group (locally, online, whatever works best for you)

4.  Realize that you and baby have to LEARN how to breastfeed, don't be afraid to ask questions of nurses at the hospital or nursing friends.  If all else fails find a lactation consultant in your area.  

Both these cuties need their mother's milk to thrive. 
We are committed to giving Waylon the best nutrition we can.
That same commitment is found on our farm in ensuring the health of our calves as well.  
It's always amazing to me to see the similarities between the animal world and ourselves.

Oh and one last thing...having a new baby makes me realize how much our family has changed and grown in the last few years.  

My niece Paige, Wyatt, and my nephew Scotty in 2009

The same three kiddos plus Waylon, Easter 2013.  

Life is an amazing gift from God!  
He has blessed me with a wonderful husband and family.  
I do my best to remember to thank him daily for these blessings!!

Until next time...



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