Mommy Monday: Balancing Boys, Baseball, Bulls, & Bible School

No matter who you are or where you are in life it's a balancing act. 
 You might be balancing personal and work life 
or a million other things. 
 I don't know your situation but I know mine 
lately it seems that there's a lot more to balance.

It could be because of these two cuties,

Plus this handsome guy...

So how do I keep everything organized?? 
Well first thing is I have 2 digital calendars and 2 paper calendars plus a wall calendar. 
 That might seem excessive to you but I try to keep my work and personal life somewhat separate. 
 I do update my work calendar with personal appointments but unless it occurs after normal work hours or requires out of town travel I don't put work appointments on my personal calendar.

I rely on Pinterest for lots of inspiration.  I have a whole board devoted to Organizing.  It's full of printables and great ideas for getting your family, house and car organized.  Now I have not personally done all of the various ideas but they all sound great.  Maybe one day I will get my house to be as organized as what I have pinned.  

I also have a Home Management Binder that really helps keep our house running smoothly.  My binder includes sections for finances, school schedules, doctor appointments, menu planning, and blogging.  But here is where I different from most wives and mothers, in addition to organizing our family life, extra curricular activities, and school events I also organize farm stuff. 

What kind of farm stuff?
Calving/lambing dates, vaccination and medical records, weights and average daily gain, breeding dates, and sale records.  To ensure we know everything we need to about every animal on the place we have a 3 inch 3 ring binder for each year of operation.  For me it works easier to have it all in one place.  The only thing that isn't organized in yearly binders is registration papers and we have a separate binder designated to those.  (Livestock registration papers are sort of like a birth certificate for purebred animals.) 

Juggling all of these things seem hectic but its all part of life, no matter if you are living the farm life or not.  My biggest suggestion for Balancing it all...
Pray...ask God to guide you and help you.  
Without God long ago I would dropped all I was balancing into a huge pile!  
Thank you God for keeping all my plates spinning.  

Until Next time...


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