Faithful Friday

I never realized how much and how often in a marriage you are ask not only for give-and-take
 and sometimes to submit.
Now growing up no one would've called me a submissive person. 
I bucked the rules at every chance I got. 
At every stop along the way I had questions
I wasn't going to go down without a fight.
 I was always what you would call
a spitfire,
a troublemaker, 
 one that was gonna blaze their own path in the world 
no one was gonna hold me down 
That's me on the right with Gumby... 

funny how things change as you grow older and wiser 
how the right person in your life can change everything 
and is even more amazing how God works in your life 
even when you're fighting him as hard as you're fighting the rest of the world

That's me on the right at the 2001 National FFA Convention 
in 2001 I graduated high school 
tomorrow marks 12 years since I walked across the football field  
and was able to turn the first of four tassels 
it was a bittersweet day for me
 I remember without a doubt it I focus was on my plan for my life
 I wasn't worried what anyone else had planned for me 
I knew where I wanted to go
I knew what my goals were

(I was so determined to get away my aunt got me a complete set of luggage for a graduation present)

what I didn't know was what God's plan was for me

about 10 months later in my second semester of college 
I met this guy in my calculus class 
he was living down the hall for me,
that guy turned out to be my future husband 
I didn't know it then but on that day 11 years ago my life was changed.
God was working in my life in a way that I never could imagine 
God was using me to do things that I didn't even know about

Upon starting to date William things are to change shortly 
my focus was no longer so much I'm partying and hanging out with my friends 
I worked building a relationship with him 
it quickly became evident (to both he and I) that we were in this for long hall haul 

 3 years & 3 months after we started dating we were married
This is still my favorite picture from our wedding

That presented a major change in my plans...
I had always thought that I would teach agriculture education in Georgia...
now I married a South Carolina boy (which I said on a number of occasions I would never do)
and had to find a job...
still determined to teach ag I took a job over an hour from our home 
and commuted there for a year...
I wasn't listening to God's plan....heck I wasn't even asking God to show me his plan
however looking back I can see them laid out perfectly.

We decided sometime during that year that I shouldn't return,
 I'm not sure if it was after a principal change less than one semester in, 
or if it was the tragic death of one of my students,  
or the fact that no 22 year old should teach high school (my opinion)

I was on the job hunt again...this time I choose to teach middle school science
kinda funny since I had turned down a position (closer to home) to doing the same thing a year before.
Still not listening or even looking for God's plan I moved ahead.

The reason I started listening

It would take another year for me to begin searching for God's plan for my life
and another year to really be willing to sit back and listen.  

Waiting is not something I do well, so there are still times when I jump the gun.  
Even now 6 years after I began searching for God's plan and 5 years after I started to listen
I have to remind myself daily that I should submit to God's will for my life
His plans are far greater than anything I have planned.  

As I write this I am reminded to pray asking God to lead me and my family where he wants us.
There is a window that is thought to be opening soon... 
as a family we have to pray about what God wants us to do with that window...
climb out of it or close it.  

The only way we can be truly satisfied with our life is to listen to God's plan and follow it.  
Our family on Mother's Day 2013

So until next time...


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