Mommy Monday: Our baby story

So about a month ago our family of 3 became a family of 4!  
We are happy to introduce Waylon Reid

He was born via csection at 9:18 on Saturday morning
Waylon's stats 
21 inches long

Of course Wyatt got to meet Waylon on that Saturday and could not be prouder.
He was very excited to meet his baby brother and did an awesome job while visiting. 

So now I'm going to get on my soap box somewhat so please be prepare.  I don't mean to offend anyone by this post but I do want to shed light on somethings that others have done that make moms who have c-sections especially scheduled ones feel like they are not doing the "right" thing.  

I wanted to share Waylon's birth story because I feel like there are other moms out there in my position that need encouragement and maybe some guidance that isn't filled with the degrading comments and horror stories about how doctors are pushing c-sections just to fit their personal schedules.  
Hopefully I can offer that.  

I didn't have some wonderful spiritual experience at home, 
I didn't go all natural in the hospital.  
And please understand if you do have one of those types of birth I think that is great for you
 however that is not realistic for everyone.  
I had a scheduled c-section and I truly believe that is just 
how God wanted me to have this little guy.  

Pinterest is full of wonderful birth stories, checklist and birth plans that push people to feel like a c-section isn't a "real" birth and if you chose that route you aren't doing what's best for you or baby.
  After reading many of those pins I felt like I was doing the wrong thing, that I shouldn't even consider it.
Medically having a c-section was much safer than a natural birth for me because: 

1. I had a previous emergency c-section after attempting labor for hours
2. We knew that Waylon would be a large baby for my size,
3. We knew that even if we attempted a VBAC we very well could end up with a c-section after laboring, 
(which we had with Wyatt...and that's much harder to recover from)
4. We knew that there could be complications no matter what we chose.
5. We knew that God was in control no matter what our decision was

So in the beginning I was adamant I wanted to try for a VBAC
3 prenatal ultrasounds later we scheduled a c-section for 41 weeks 
(this was in case labor did not start on its own since I could not be induced due to previous c)
add another few weeks of pregnancy and another ultrasound
we moved my c-section date to 39 weeks and 4 days. 
(Waylon was weighing in at 7+ pounds with 4 weeks left to go)

Because of all that I had read...these changes (even though medically were the best & safest option) made me nervous...they weren't my ideal birth plan...they would cause backlash from others.  
All this added stress to the end of pregnancy that wasn't needed.  

So skip ahead...last minute change in plans...increased emotions 
we arrived Saturday morning about 7 a.m. to the hospital.
(By the way if you have a scheduled c-section you can't eat or drink anything after midnight on your date.)
We didn't have to sit and fill out paperwork while I had contractions (huge positive).
They brought us right in the room we would have for the duration of our stay.
We were able to settle in and fill out our paperwork while we visited with our nurse, who was absolutely AWESOME!

She preformed all the test she needed to do, 
put in my IV, drew blood, and got me prepped.  
She also walked us through what would happen and gave us a timeline.  

Everything was so smooth and controlled which put me at ease.

Once we headed back to the OR I got a little nervous,
I mean really who wouldn't?  
But the nurse and the OR crew did a great job of walking me through what was going on.  
I had a spinal block which took a little while to get but wasn't was like a small sting or pinch.  I did experience some overheating and felt like I was going to pass out however the nurses and OR crew did a great job of helping me cool down and fixing the problem.
Once they had my spinal block done I was able to lay down and they brought the hubs to be in with me.  

From that point on it couldn't have been more than 30 minutes for the entire process.  My doctor was awesome he walked us through each step he was doing and why.  We talked about March Madness and college baseball...he allowed my hubs to take pictures of the process (which I will spare you as they are very graphic).  He made sure throughout the whole process that I was comfortable and not having pain.

Once I was all sewn up and brought back to the room for recovery, my nurse made sure that I was comfortable.  She checked my vitals almost constantly but she also helped me nurse Waylon.  Waylon was much more alert than Wyatt had been.  He was willing to nurse and bond and my nurse was willing to be there with me and help me through the next 2 hours in recovery.  She was also willing to keep everyone else out of the recovery room for me, so that William, Waylon and I could have some bonding time.   This was essential to establishing a good nursing relationship which was a great experience    

After 2 hours we got another nurse and to be honest I was nervous...remember I like control and no change...but our next nurse was just as helpful and went above and beyond her call of duty.  
Yes they monitored me and made me wear the compression boots (I hate those things) but they also made sure I was comfortable and helped me do anything I needed from getting Waylon latched on at 1 a.m. to getting me more ice water at shift change. Each nurse I had made sure I wasn't into much pain...they didn't push meds but they did check on me frequently and ask what my pain level was...helping me to manage the pain and not let it get away from me.  

Since this was scheduled and a repeat c-section I was able to get out of bed Saturday evening and sit in the chair for a while, by Sunday morning early I was able to have my IV and catheter removed.  Once that happened I could walk around completely on my own as I felt like it.  I was able to shower, which I tell you is a must!!  

I say all of that to let others out there know that just because you have a c-section (planned or unplanned) you have a beautiful birth story.  Don't let anyone make you feel like you are less of a mom because you didn't do what they thought you should.  It's not their body or their child.  It's up to you to make the decisions that are best for you and your baby.  

Here are some pics from a newborn photo session from our wonderful photographer Brandy.  

Check out more of her work here

So until next time...


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  1. That is such a special birth story! Your two boys are so precious! Happy for you girl!!