Mommy Monday

T-minus 6 days and counting....
that's how long until I go from mommy of one little man to the mommy of 2!!
I can't believe that Waylon will be here so quickly.  

We have been trying to make sure we have thought out everything
and making time to spend some extra special quality time   

with this big guy!  

In the last few weeks we have visited Build-A-Bear so that little man could build his baby brother a bear of his own...

and so that Teddy could get a fireman outfit...

Introducing little bear

we have taken Wyatt out for lunch at one of his favorite restaurants...

spent some time just playing around!


and yes...I can no longer see my feet...even if I try...they are gone!!!

So all in all we might not be "ready" but ready or not Waylon is on his way...
So until next time...


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