Wrangler Wednesday

This week's Wrangler Wednesday is dedicated to our first lil man...Wyatt.  He turns 5 tomorrow.  I can't believe that he is actually that old but he is.  So here are some of our favorite memories of the little man!

Wyatt at the 2008 National Cheviot Show and Sale in Springfield, IL

Union County Sheep Show 2008

Riding the tractor with daddy

Picking out Christmas trees 2009

County Hog Show 2010

Easter 2010...Wyatt is hugging on today's birthday boy Drew!

Easter 2011

Summer 2011...right before Samuel (middle) and his family left for a 4 year mission to Malawi!

Muddy boy

Wyatt & Bartow

Summer 2012

Wyatt & Pet

First scar...SC Junior Beef Round Up 2011

Working in the garden

Sept 2011

Even cowboys need a nap during a Wal-Mart run

Early mornings

Checking heifers

Bale sitting (Summer 2012)

Stealing daddy's lunch

Hanging out at the sale barn

barn kittens

Wyatt & Teddy 2010 NAILE trip

So as you can see our little man has grown quite a bit in the last 5 years.  I can't wait to see what the next 5 hold!  He is an amazing little boy who we are very thankful for!  

Until next time...


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