Life with Boys

Last night we had the Central District Young Farmer and Rancher meeting.  We all had fun mingling, catching up with friends and meeting new folks.  Of course because all of us are ages 18-35 the topic of children came up including the wild and crazy things that they do.  Of course me expecting baby #2 everyone always ask what we are having.

Well it's official we are having baby boy #2!  He should arrive mid to late March and that will then make our house 3 to 1 in favor of the boys.  Now William & I were blessed with a boy first so we have never had the quiet life people talk about they experience with girls.  Our home has been full of sand, dirt, and Tonka trucks for the last 4+ years now.  Some of the folks last night at our meeting offered us their congratulations and their prays...both which we accepted gratefully (because God knows we need them).  :)

We discussed how the boys differ from little girls in their mannerisms, activity levels, and obsessions.  As we discussed and reminisced about these things I was reminded of a boy I picked up a while back and read...once I found out we were expecting boy #2 I read it again...

I love this book it puts life with boys in a different light.  One that helps you appreciate their active nature, wild imaginations and their sweet loving hearts.  I suggest everyone who has one of these....

then you might want to check out this mom's take on life with boys!  

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