Wrangler Wednesday

Wrangler Wednesday is my play on wordless Wednesday!  All the photos included might not have men in Wranglers but the pics do include hardworking folks who love to wear their patches!

"I'm done picking blueberries Mom...I ate my weight now let's go"...according to the hubs they should weigh him in and out during pick-your-own season!

I know I know I used this photo already but I love it!  Aunt Rachel in a headchute...perfect!

VBS final program

Running to 3rd...apparently the helmet is too heavy for his head...he prefers to carry it

Hitting a homerun...which according to Wyatt every hit is a homerun

Walking into home at his final t-ball game

Receiving his T-ball Medal

Fishing with JoJo...how we miss this dog

These boots were less than 6 months old and already ruined...mailed them back to Justin's 

Wyatt with his buddy Gavin...or according to Wyatt his horse...Gavin is known to allow my 4 year old to ride on his back and neigh

The family farm

We fish a lot!

Practicing writing our name

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