Mommy Monday: June days

In the southeast summer typically starts in late April, however this year we enjoyed a spring of sorts. Until this week we have had one of the coolest June's on's all about to change! We are predicted to break a record high of 102 degrees. I know those of you in Texas are talking 108 or something crazy but 102 with 99% humidity is pretty miserable.

So it's time to head to the pool
play in the dirt
and check out Pop's progress in the hayfield 

When we are expecting weather conditions like this we take extra care to ensure fresh clean water is available and do out best to make sure that the water is shaded. We also push our feeding times back around the house to be sure everything eats during the coolest part of the day. As summer wears on we will move feeding time to the morning because that will be the coolest time. At the dairy the misters and fans are in use the entire time we are milking, in addition the fans on the feed barns are running. Keeping livestock as cool as possible is essential. We also have to be diligent about making sure everyone stays hydrated and well fed!

Enjoying lunch in the hayfield

 However warm days aren't limited to caring for the livestock.
We check the moisture content of the hay

Love on new barn kitties 

Proud Papa

 We have a garden to tend...which we have began harvesting some veggies from.  

We also try to make sure we are having lots of fun. 

like game night at church
playing in the sandbox 

picking blueberries at Bush-N-Vine Farm

Checking out how bees make honey

And catching Aunt Rachel...we think she need shots and some ear tags!

And sometime the summer can not be so fun.  Last week Wyatt lost his best friend and playmate JoJo.  
RIP JoJo you will be greatly missed!

Life on the farm isn't always fun.  Many times you learn the hard lessons in life early.  Wyatt has been extremely positive through the whole experience.  He has learned that everything lives and eventually everything dies.  This doesn't mean he isn't sad but he is content knowing that JoJo is in cow dog heaven with Jesus, eating all the steaks he can hold and giving everyone kisses.  Just yesterday he talked about missing JoJo's kisses and playing soccer with him.  (I think there have been more tears for Momma than Wyatt over the situation).  

Stay tuned for tomorrow!  

Until Next Time,


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