Wrangler Wednesday: Springtime!

Living in the Southeast it's rare that we get to experience a true spring.  
Typically it goes from cold (50 and below here) to HOT...I don't mean like 75 degrees hot...
I mean like 90 in March HOT and we live with that from about March (with the exception of Easter Frost) until October or November.  That's life in the South (which I love).  

But this year our weather has been kinda wonky and crazy...we seen 30's for highs and high 80's for highs since the first of the year...and tonight they are predicting a low to mid 30's but by Sunday we will be in the mid to upper 80's again

Anyways we have had the chance to enjoy a few days of truly blissful springtime weather...

So enjoy a few of our photos

Young lot of replacement heifers

Freshly plowed garden plot...large enough to feed a small army ...we will definitely be sharing our bounty.  Lil' man is anxious to get plants in the ground as he loves to spend time in the garden which is across the road from our house at Grandma's & PawPaw's.  

Because Wyatt loves spending time with his Great Grandparents we visit often (almost daily) Fishing with PawPaw is one of his favorite things!  They are two of a kind for sure.  

Easter Sunday...Lil' Man was devastated we missed Sunrise Service and the pancake breakfast but he was able to enjoy "Big" church and Children Church services.

Family Hugs...after church we headed to my in-laws for a family lunch 

Ride to the top...Wyatt spends lots of time with his daddy which makes me very happy.  I pray that one day my lil man will grow up to be the same type of man his daddy is...

New baby chicks...20 of them...please pray for me as I don't care for chickens, but William & Wyatt seem to like them, especially Wyatt....he collects eggs daily at my in-laws and is now the proud owner of 10 Rhode Island Red pullets (which means a young female chick)...he's a little saddened that the chicks are producing eggs yet but after we explained they had to grow up he was good.  Our other 10 chicks are Cornish straights (which means until they grow up some we don't know if they are boys or girls)...these 10 will be used for meat.  

Reflecting on these pictures each week allows me the chance to remember and record memories for our family.  I cherish these memories and can't wait to make more.

Until Next time....


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