Mommy Monday: A Challenge

So I follow a good many other bloggers and unlike a lot of people I prefer that new entries come to my inbox.  That way I know if I have read them and can mark the ones I want to re-read or visit again.  A couple of weeks ago I started following a new blog... Women Living Well.  The blogger is Courtney, she is on Facebook and YouTube as well.

Her blog is a ministry.  Sharing her thoughts, her devotions and her beliefs on God with those who follow.  She is such an inspiration and has some wonderfully motivating post.  This morning as I scan through my email I saw she had a new post and couldn't wait to settle down with my cup of coffee and read it.  Today's blog was a challenge...a 5 week challenge!  Some of you may remember about 6 weeks ago I started my own personal challenge and well after week 4 kinda fell off the grid with it.  Courtney has had similar experiences plus has discovered we can better serve our families if we are disciplined about our own actions.  

So I am taking up her challenge...I invite all of you to hop over to her blog and join up as well.

Week 1 Challenge:
Name 1 healthy habit that you would like to work on establishing in your life over the next 5 weeks.  

My week one is to re-start my Thin Me Down Thursday Routine...that means exercising and tracking my food.  Watch out for Thursday's post to see how I do!  

Until Next time....


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