Mommy Monday: Spring Fruits

In many parts of the country spring is still thawing and you might not yet be enjoying fresh produce.  Here in South Carolina we are blessed with a long growing season and can produce lots of vegetables and fruits throughout the year.  Yearly we plant a large family garden but still rely on local farms for some of the freshest produce around until ours is ready or for those items we don't grow.

It's important to our family to support local farmers however we know that at times throughout the year that might not be possible.  It also might not be within your budget since at times this can be more expensive.  I was amazed to learn that more and more farm stands are not accepting EBT and SNAP cards than ever before.  That is the great thing about America we have choices for our food.  You can purchase food at a grocery store, farmers market, or local farm and know that you are getting a product that is safe and nutritious for your family.

Photo Courtesy of Cotton Hill's Farm Facebook Page

We personally love to purchase locally grown strawberries from our two favorite farms Bush-N-Vine &  Cotton Hills Farm.  The strawberries are sweeter and fresher than the ones I can get at the grocery store plus it doesn't hurt that we know the farmers.  The Hall Family (Bush-N-Vine) is actually part of my husband's extended family and the Wilson's (Cotton Hills) are close friends.  I feel privileged to be able to treat our family to such wonderful local fruits.  Both of these farms do their best to ensure they provide my family and yours with the safest most affordable produce!  

Many times I am asked if local food is better for you...well if you are asking is a strawberry grown in South Carolina any healthier for you than one grown in California.....NO...the nutrition value of fruit is basically the same no matter where it is grown.   
Photo Courtesy of Bush-N-Vine's Facebook Page

Now if you ask about the taste..yes there is a difference.  A strawberry purchased at the grocery store must be harvested, packaged, shipped, and purchased prior to going bad.  To accommodate for this most fresh fruits and veggies sold in the grocery store are pick prior to being fully ripe.  If you are purchasing fruits and veggies at a local farmer's market or on-farm the items were probably picked early that morning and are perfectly ripe.  

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