Thin Me Down Thursday: Week 4

This is my 4th posting for Thin Me Down Thursday.  This past week has been filled with lots of things but workout and keeping track of food wasn't part of it.  I managed to maintain my weight loss but really can see the difference that tracking consumption and working out makes.  

Let's start with when you live on a farm, have a family, work an off farm job and volunteer your time is limited and sometimes it feels like like is closing down on you.  I have felt a little overwhelmed and isolated this week.  It started last week with shin splints that made me want to chop my legs off...
I thought oh my muscles are just sore and out of shape it will get better...
I continued to Jillian a break.  Then the shin splints go worse and 
I stopped walking to alleviate some pain.  

On Monday I planned to kick things back off with Jillian...
that didn't happen either...
my back was KILLING me...
I know right now I sound like a big whiny baby...but seriously I thought the muscles and bones in my back 
were going to stop working all together...
after 2 days of intense pain from my back and about 5 from my shins 
I went to the chiropractor to get some relief.

Oh how I love that man...
he gave my back instant relief and explained my leg trouble..
(FYI: I have had a standing appointment with the doc on and off for about 4 years due to back pain) 

My shin splints are caused by walking up hill...
the road I walk on is hilly and curving which is causing the muscle in my shins to swell and get stuck in the sheath surrounding them...when the muscle gets stuck the pain starts

So according to him I can walk all I want...just not up in and not in flip flops 
I go back tomorrow for xrays and another round of treatment on my back...
and honestly...I can't wait!!

So below is the current chart:

After reviewing this chart and my notes I realized two things:

1) I have to track what I eat and how much each day...otherwise I am not accountable
2) I must schedule exercise into my day..using my calender and reminder notifications or I put it off

So what do I plan to do to get back on track for next week
1. Track my consumption
2. Schedule my workouts with reminders (and sync all my calenders)
3. Spend 20 minutes with Jillian each day
4. Play outside with lil man daily for at least 30 minutes

That's that for this week...
until next time...


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