Thin Me Down Thursday: Week 3

So a couple of week's ago I began a journey to lose weight.  You can check out the post of week 1 and week 2 if you would like to catch up.  

This week has been a little challenging as we have had lots going on.  Last weekend we had 2 birthday parties to attend cake and weight loss don't go hand in hand typically.  

In addition I began walking every other day about 2.5 miles.  

#farm wife #fitness...nice morning to enjoy a walk on the #family #farm

The weather has been really nice however walking doesn't yield as much weight loss as Jillian's workout which amazes me.  I have pinned lots of ideas and inspiration for my journey on my Pinterest board.  This has helped to motivate me more.

This week I plan to try to walk and do Jillian's workout to help maximize my weight loss.  This week has really been slightly frustrating as I didn't lose as much weight as last week however the scale still went down.  I am still working on my diet...trying to control portion sizes and eat less calories while still enjoying food.  If you don't know it I really really enjoy food.  So here is this week's graph.  Check it out!

I think the bust difference is because I was wearing a different bra for this week's measurements(VS) and last week was a sports bra.  If you have any suggestion on how to deal with cravings please share.  Have a blessed weekend and enjoy the wonderful weather we are having!

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