Teach Me Tuesday: Mommy School & Pink Slime

Last night the hubby and I had a conversation about Pink Slime.  We were talking about how cattle prices had dropped slightly and I asked was it a correlation.  He said he wasn't sure but asked "What the crap is pink slime, anyways? I heard some guys at the barn talking about it but I was too busy to focus."  So I did my best...which was terrible...to explain what pink slime was.  

Basically this is what I know...it is beef, that is left over after you get steaks and roast out of cuts...then the meat is separated from the fat kinda like you separate cream from milk.  Then its all mixed together and added to ground beef.  It is beef, it looks like beef but people are scared of it because of the spin the news media puts on it...no news flash there!

Then this morning on Facebook I saw a post from the Center for Food Integrity about what other than... PINK SLIME!!!  They of course do a much better job of explaining it and Dr. Dickson is an expert...I am not.  Here is a Q & A with Dr. Dickson.  So then I began to wonder this stuff has been around for YEARS & YEARS...why just now are we worried about this...I discovered this blog posting on this Discovery News that explained a little.  Check it out too.  

So now let's chat a moment about Mommy School.  This is my effort to home educate my now 4 year old.  It's takes a lot of effort working full time, helping on the farm, and trying to teach a preschooler.  But in our family it's important for me to do all of these things.  I wish I could stay at home and only focus on the farm and the family but right now that's not possible.  Anyways...these past few weeks we have had rounds of Mommy School daily for hours to I don't want to do school today.  Both of which are OK for us.  I refuse to force him to do school if he doesn't want to...many times I find he will still pick up a school activity to work on even though he says "NO SCHOOL MOMMY!".  

We have added a few new curriculum materials to our school!  I purchased a Geo board (like this one)a while back from our local teacher store.  He likes it OK but its not his favorite.  We are still working on incorporated this into our lessons.  Mainly as a way for him to create letter and shapes.  Well in his world we can only create pastures for cows using the Geo board.

Last week I ordered counting bears and pattern blocks with boards.
These items just arrived yesterday and lil man has already enjoyed playing with them!  He love the pattern blocks and despite the reviews I read online he had no problem with getting the blocks to stay on the board.  

He liked sorting the bears but really loved having his dinosaur counters gobble up the bears...only the T-Rex of course!  

We have added 2 VeggieTales books to our daily routine.  We use VeggiesTales: 365 Day Starter Devos for Boys in the mornings or during Mommy School and VeggieTales: 365 Bedtime Devos for Boys we use at bedtime.  Both books are focused on helping bring lil' man closer to God and understand that Jesus loves him and is his friend.  We were lucky enough to be able to purchase them at our local Christian bookstore, Footprints.  The girl who runs the place is super sweet and they have a good selection of items.  If you are ever in downtown York, SC be sure to stop in and say hi!  

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  1. Cool, Caci! I think I'm going to get the pattern blocks for Adam (3 1/2.) He "plays" with them online at starfall.com but we don't have any "real" ones!