Mommy Monday: I think we have a zoo

As a child I always wanted to take in every stray. My first dog, Blondie came from the pound...I had him for about 10 years. Then there was the bird dog, Mutt that my mom & sister found when I was 5. My mom swore Mutt could only stay the weekend until the vet opened on Monday...I had him for 12 years. Or my cat Snipper that I raised from a kitten...19 years he was my faithful friend. In addition there were rabbits, fish, birds, hamsters and a few other pets throughout the years. Obviously this caring trait passes on as Wyatt is quickly amassing his own group of giveaways and strays.

First he got a few cats from a co-worker...

Then there was Millie

Next was Thumper

And most recently came JoJo.

 He loves each animal unconditionally no matter what! He constantly wants to bring home another pet. Now at 4 he has learned that with pets come chores...feeding, cleaning cages and playing with them. So maybe a zoo isn't so bad...the lessons it teaches far outweigh the I suppose we will continue to add to our collection, grow our responsibility, and learn about the animal world.

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