Monday, December 31, 2012

How did my 12 in 2012 work out?

364 days ago I posted my 12 in 2012 list.  Let's take a look back and see how well I stuck to my goals!  

Here is the original post if you would like to read the whole thing but below is my list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2012. 

1. Focus on God  I feel like this is one thing that I really did well in the past year.  I took God off the back burner and put him more front and center.  Now don't take me wrong there were still plenty of times when I lost my focus and put other things first, but all in all I feel like God has worked tremendously in my life over the last year.  

2. Create consistent Mommy School lessons for the lil man We did do Mommy School regularly through the end of July.  However once lil' man began preschool we backed off.  We still do Mommy School occasionally throughout the months but not daily or even weekly.  Typically we now review his work from school.  

3. Realize I only have so much time...don't agree to do everything people ask of me  I actually stuck to my guns on this one!!  I was amazed.  I still did agree to do some additional things however I also turned down some wonderful opportunities as well.  It is very hard for me to give up on an opportunity however I know that God has plans for my life and if those things are part of it he will present me with the chance at a better time in life.  

4. Organize my house, my life, and my office  This is still a major work in progress, especially in my office.  I have decluttered the house multiple times this year and finally let go of some things that we just really had no use or space for.  I still have a long way to go but it's getting better.  I even started a family notebook/planner that helps me keep track of our life, menus, and budget.  

5. Take a few minutes everyday to do some type of exercise...even if it's just playing outside with the lil man This wasn't the most successful goal by any means.  I was much more active this year than I had been the previous however I lost steam after a while and have used pregnancy as an excuse not to do as much.  

6. Remember birthdays I remember them...but sending out a card is still not my style.  However if you are on my email list and I have your birthday then you are much more likely to receive a card in your inbox!  

7. Cook real home cook meals from scratch at least 5 days a week...All I can say about this is HAHAHAHAHA...we have done better due to menu planning but not all of the meals were made from scratch. 

8. Blog and advocate regularly...this does not mean daily but on a regular schedule I posted 37 times in the last year...this number did not meet my goal but at least it averages out to be about once every 2 weeks.  

9. To plant a large family garden and learn to can all it's bounty...we got the planting part down but let the weeds take over and did not gain any canning skills regardless of my wonderful pinterest board! 

10. To finally fence in and landscape my yard...nope didn't happen

11. To take an honest family vacation that doesn't revolve around a livestock show or farm event...even if it's only for 1 night...well William and I went to Hawaii for 6 days...however I am not sure that counts as it was for the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting.  We also went to the beach but again it was due to a Farm Bureau needless to say we probably need to work on that.  

12. To create a budget and STICK to it!! We did ok in this area.  We didn't knock it out of the park but we did pay off some debt and get to a better place financially.   

All in all I would say that even though I didn't accomplish all of my goals I did do much better than I had in years past.  I am currently making a list for 2013 with things that I would like to accomplish.  I am sure some of the things on the 2012 list will reappear on the 2013 but in more detail since I have had a year to ponder them.  

Until next time...


Friday, November 16, 2012

Life with Boys

Last night we had the Central District Young Farmer and Rancher meeting.  We all had fun mingling, catching up with friends and meeting new folks.  Of course because all of us are ages 18-35 the topic of children came up including the wild and crazy things that they do.  Of course me expecting baby #2 everyone always ask what we are having.

Well it's official we are having baby boy #2!  He should arrive mid to late March and that will then make our house 3 to 1 in favor of the boys.  Now William & I were blessed with a boy first so we have never had the quiet life people talk about they experience with girls.  Our home has been full of sand, dirt, and Tonka trucks for the last 4+ years now.  Some of the folks last night at our meeting offered us their congratulations and their prays...both which we accepted gratefully (because God knows we need them).  :)

We discussed how the boys differ from little girls in their mannerisms, activity levels, and obsessions.  As we discussed and reminisced about these things I was reminded of a boy I picked up a while back and read...once I found out we were expecting boy #2 I read it again...

I love this book it puts life with boys in a different light.  One that helps you appreciate their active nature, wild imaginations and their sweet loving hearts.  I suggest everyone who has one of these....

then you might want to check out this mom's take on life with boys!  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update from the farm

We have been MIA the last couple of months because well we have been busy!!

Practicing our bull riding skills 

participating in our local RiverSweep event

enjoying fall strawberries

creating fashion statements

feeding baby calves

visiting Lowe's 

flying over the State Fair

Checking out new farm equipment

giving cooking demos

going to the races

and realizing that I am married to a wonderful hardworking man who will find out next week if he's gonna be the Daddy of 2 boys or will the Good Lord throw a baby girl in the mix...

I hope your fall has been wonderful and you are enjoying your blessing...

Until Next time~


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wrangler Wednesday: Summer in Review

Here is our summer in photos! 

We've been lucky enough to cut a fair amount of hay....which even I had to help with raking 

Lots of ground still to cover in this field

Road trip with the little man

South Carolina Tobacco Museum 

The hubs driving...he's thrill that our 3.5 hour drive turned into 6

We found out we are expecting baby #2 in March

Wyatt loves talking "business" with his daddy

Sometimes the cows get the best of the cow dogs!

Wyatt's garden harvest

T-ball medal

He's got some big shoes to fill

Learning to drive

Wyatt & Jake @ the Lake

4th of July

Pool Time!

Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm Back and ready to share

I took a 2 month blogging break to re-asset my goals with this blog.  I had tried too many features and activities.  My goal with this blog is to give people an inside look at our family farm and why it is so important to us.  So let's get back to the basics...the only feature that will remain is Wrangler Wednesday, everything else will be about our daily farm life.  So to catch everyone up on our last 2 months here is what we have been doing in pictures...

we have gardened

played the guitar 

Celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary 

went to the beach

enjoyed HOT Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

amazed the little one with the ocean waves

checked cows

done business in the field 

visited the mountain 

milked cows

went to the hayfield 

raked hay

Pretty much that has been our last 2 months~

Until Next time~


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wrangler Wednesday

Wrangler Wednesday is my play on wordless Wednesday!  All the photos included might not have men in Wranglers but the pics do include hardworking folks who love to wear their patches!

"I'm done picking blueberries Mom...I ate my weight now let's go"...according to the hubs they should weigh him in and out during pick-your-own season!

I know I know I used this photo already but I love it!  Aunt Rachel in a headchute...perfect!

VBS final program

Running to 3rd...apparently the helmet is too heavy for his head...he prefers to carry it

Hitting a homerun...which according to Wyatt every hit is a homerun

Walking into home at his final t-ball game

Receiving his T-ball Medal

Fishing with we miss this dog

These boots were less than 6 months old and already ruined...mailed them back to Justin's 

Wyatt with his buddy Gavin...or according to Wyatt his horse...Gavin is known to allow my 4 year old to ride on his back and neigh

The family farm

We fish a lot!

Practicing writing our name