Monday, November 14, 2011

Do you farm or ranch? Depends on who you ask!

Many people don't know the difference in a farm and ranch
some even think they are the same thing. 
however they are different

Ranches typically only raise livestock and perhaps some hay,
farms on the other hand could raise livestock, hay, crops and much more.

In the South traditionally we don't have ranches...
even if we only raise cattle and hay.
We have farms...that's just the way it is.

We most definitely have a farm.  We raise crops, cattle, and KIDS on our farm. 
We are diversified and could easily split up segments of the farm
to include a ranch and farm separately
but all in we are a farm and a farm family.

Well apparently my lil man plans to change that...
because he insist that we have a ranch not a farm!
In the last 2 weeks he has told me multiple times that he is a cowboy/rancher.

Yesterday we saddled up his horse to go for a ride
and he told me that he was going to check cattle on the ranch
and that Bartow (the horse) and Millie (the dog) were going to be his partners.

I think this may be in large part due to his favorite book...Levi's Lost Calf by Amanda Radke. 

He loves this story and we read it multiple times each day. 

If you haven't read it I suggest you grab a copy and read it!  Great story and AWESOME illustrations!

Anyways during our "ranch" ride yesterday afternoon,
Bartow became a little frisky.
Our other horse was feeling good in the cool weather and was running around
Bartow thought that he too should run around
the only problem was my 3 year old was on him

As we were walking/jogging across the field,
Bartow started crow hopping (kinda like bucking but not as bad) and side stepping
my mommy instinct was to freak and snatch Wyatt off
but first I had to get the horse under control

As I stood there praying my lil man didn't hit the ground
I noticed his little legs were latched to the sides of Bartow,
his hands firmly holding the reins and the saddle horn,
he had lowered his body toward the horse to get a better seat,
and low and behold he was slightly bewildered but he was

After about 30 seconds (if that) Bartow stopped completely
he looked at me as if nothing happened
and Wyatt was beaming from ear to ear
"Mommy, did you see I didn't fall off! I told you I was a COWBOY/RANCHER."

At that point I couldn't help but laugh,
thanking the Good Lord
 he gave lil man the know-how and strength to hang on for the ride

You never know what is going to happen around the farm (or ranch)!
Everyday is an adventure...

--Until Next Time


Friday, November 11, 2011

Week in Review

Last week was Halloween and I forgot to share some shots from the end of Oct. 
We had a great time catching up with friends and enjoying some much needed downtime.
Here is our little cowpoke and his rustled up cow at the Fall Festival in Downtown 

Future Rodeo Champion trick-or-treating

The cowpoke, Tigger, and a Vampire hanging out Halloween Night

So onto this week.  It has still been about settling back into our "new" old routine. 
Since little man dropped preschool like a hot potato we have had to readjust...
well we are attempting.

You see I take this little guy to the dairy each morning
before I head to my 8-5.  That wouldn't be such an issue if
the barn was on my way...which it isn't...
actually I drive past my office to deliver the wild one...
It's about 20 minutes one way from our house to the barn...
then another 10-15 minutes back to the office...
so in the grand scheme of things I should be leaving my house by 7:20 each morning
to make it to work on time
that doesn't happen...anyways we will get there
maybe one...hopefully

moving on to the rest of the week.
of course with time change it has been a booger to get all the calves & sheep checked
during the day light hours...but somehow we manage

these critters are vital to our farm so we make sure they are fed, watered, and cared for daily.
Thank heavens that during the fall/winter William's grandfather checks cows in the morning
and lets me know if he needs anything.  One night this week I had to go find our one hired hand...
he was on the highway pulling the hay baler back from the field...
this wouldn't have been a problem but our baler doesn't have
lights so...I crept along at snails pace with my flasher on

so little man quit started Mommy has been interesting
even though i am an educator it is hard planning lessons for your own child...
you know their interest and their needs (which should make it easy) but I also know
what he dislikes and still have to make him complete his work.

This week has been all about the letter A, apples, the number 7 and the shape square
we have been practicing writing our letter and number
even worked on graphing!
picking out square items...which by the way explaining to a 3 year old that a
square bale isn't really a square can be difficult
and frustrating
we have also been working on some fine motor skills

Even daddy has had a chance to get in on some of the school work action

and on Monday I celebrated my 29th birthday...
(really I did....i am not stuck in my 20's like some people i know)

We are gearing up for a fun weekend of play dates and shoe box decorating.
One last thing...thanks to all our was you who have made it possible for my
dreams to come true!!!  Thanks!!!

Until Next time---

Friday, November 4, 2011

My 3 year old drop out

OK so I have taken a break from blogging the last week...
 or two because I had something I had to focus on.
This was more important for me than the latest news or even agvocating.
It was my little man!
Little man has been attending a Montessori pre-school program since the end of August.
he has fought attending each and everyday...
he hated it...daily

In the last 2 weeks the daily fight has gotten worse.
we finally discovered why...
the program/teacher were not for him.

let me little man is active.
he is constantly busy...even while i write this he is busy doing "school work"
OK really he is drawing lines on paper and bringing them to me or hanging them on the wall
but to him this is work.

in his class he expected time to work with classmates,
sign, play. create reality
he was with his classmates for about 30 minutes at the beginning of the day
and then for an hour and a half or two
 he was expected to work individually, quietly...constantly
this wasn't a problem at first as everything was new and interesting
but from my side i had no clue what was going on in the classroom...
i never got much feedback and when i asked about letting me know daily i was shot down

however in the last few weeks he has gotten to where he would work for 30-45 minutes and then sit and observe others...he never bothered other children
or disrupted class...but he would sit and stare and his activity

when he did this he missed recess but he didn't care...
if he missed recess he got one on one time with the teacher
(who doesn't have that preschool loving attitude i expected).
i asked how to correct this or for suggestions...again i got nothing

so after much discussion and prayer we decided...
Wyatt just needs to be removed from this program...
the fight...the sadness...the lack of communication...
this was not the experience i wanted him to have...
so on Monday we begin Mommy School.

So as you can see the little man needed attention...
and that comes first...but now i will be back!