Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lambing Season

Lambing season is always an interesting time around our house.
Three years ago we lambed out 75 ewes with a new born, Wyatt
This year we lambed about 10
A huge difference but a lot easier
We are focusing more not on quality not quantity.
Plus all of our ewes are ones that Wyatt can enjoy and play with. 

This was Sally the first ewe we had to lamb.
She is a retired 4-H show ewe
who was loved dearly by her former owner...and now by her little owner
Sally had ram one ewe out of our Suffolk ram from Sponaugle.

Lambs are funny to watch as they don't quite now how to control their limbs
And they cry like newborn babies
plus they follow you around like puppies

Sometimes you end up with bum lambs
these are lambs that you feed on a bottle because their mom won't or can't
In the picture above is SALT
She is a twin out of our Southdown ewe

Here is Salt again...she and Wyatt are big buddies
They play in the yard together
run through the barn
and snuggle with each other
both are discovering the world together

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hi Y'all!

Hello everyone!  I realize I have been MIA for a while and there are many days when I think I should just give up blogging all together because not posting leaves you disinterested in what I have to say.  However I will make another attempt to get this thing right. 

Around the farm things have been full swing...we are slowing leaving behind winter and spring is starting to bloom.  Last week I have beautiful tulips bloom in my yard, today it there was 1/2 inch of frost on the ground...go figure! 

The past few weeks have been busy.  We have had new lambs, lost dogs, preparing for a state contest, attempting to begin freelancing, trying to decide about a job for the upcoming year, and much more! 

About two weeks ago on a Wednesday night our two cowdogs, Reba & Molly, got out of their pen.  Luckily we were at home to catch them.  The next night we also have two adorable little lambs.  They are Southdown/Hamp/Suffolk crosses.  The mom was a southdown ewe that William's little sister recieved as part of the Southdown's ewes for youth program. 

The same day our two cow dogs once again got out of their pen during the day.  Well Reba returned home that night however Molly was gone for 4 days.  Wyatt was worried about his "Mawlee" and very happy when she showed up at PawPaw's a few days later.  Our ewe Sugar was a sweet little girl but has never been real hardy.  She gave birth to the twins on a Thursday and pass away over the weekend.  Rach and Wyatt are both crushed as Wyatt has always thought of Sugar as his little lamb...but in a positive note we have two lambs that they both love dearly.

Now we are almost finished with lambing...waiting on one hold out ewe.  Wyatt is enjoying the lambs, especially our bums.  We had our local pig show today and Wyatt showed Rachel's pig that he named Bacon Biscuit. 

Below are some photos from the last few months...enjoy!