Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet a few family farmers

The video below was composed by a wonderful lady named Paula Williamson.  It showcases some of the wonderful farmers and farm families in South Carolina.  Please take a minute to watch the video and thank a farmer for all that they provide for you and your family.

I hope you enjoyed!

2011 South Carolina YF&R Conference

William and I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Hilton Head, SC
I had never been to the island before but couldn't wait.
Hilton Head Island was the spot for the 2011 SC YF&R conference...
and I was just as excited about attending...
making new friends..
visiting with old ones...
and learning new ways to help our farm...
from telling our story to precision Ag to financial sessions...
all were very informative and useful.

William and I were lucky enough to be appointed to the state committee
so we headed down early to help setup and tour the area

we got to walk through Historic Bluffton, SC
and see houses that cost 1.2 million dollars to restore
(that's not confederate dollars, but union dollars)

Cotton Gothic Churches that had honey bees living in the cross

beautiful trees with Spanish moss

We also had wonderful speakers..
on Friday
Will Gilmer of Alabama
a You Tube sensation for music videos like
this one and my personal favorite this one
but also a man who has taken time off the farm
to share his story
and serve as a voice for his fellow young farmers and ranchers
as AFBF YF&R Chair.

Saturday started with Hugh Weathers
SC Commissioner of Agriculture
and the SC Farm Bureau Government Relations team
updating us on actions happening in the legislature that will affect us
the day continued with wonderful workshops
Ms. Vonne Knight presented a workshop on
Ag in the Classroom, and how we can tell our story
to future generations

district directors Woody and Thompson
presented Farm Bureau 101
to help people understand how and why our organization began
and to help us become more involved in all areas
Matt Lohr, VA Commissioner of Ag was the keynote speaker
at the luncheon giving us great ideas on
speaking out for agriculture
to protect not only our family farms but our industry as well
Will Henderson presented a workshop on Precision Ag
and the best ways to use the information on farm
the conference ended with a luau to encourage all YF&R members
to enter the Discussion Meet, Excellence in Ag, and Achievement award
for a chance to win great prizes such as a club car utv, a dodge ram pickup and an all expenses paid trip to
Brandon Hurley of Laurens, gave his retiring remarks
and handed the position of chair over to
JEB Wilson of Chester

I am excited to serve on this wonderful committee...
not only for the friends i know we will make,
the trips we can take,
but for the knowledge and experience we can gain,
and for the difference that we can make for other
family farmers.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow days are wonderful days...

This is a post I shared earlier this month on my craft blog...
Snow days are wonderful days...
no dealing with 100 screaming 7th graders...
now don't get me wrong I love my job
but sometimes its nice to have an unexpected break.

Around our house snow days mean...
You get to trek to the barn to feed up bawling calves and hollering baaing sheep,
in the freezing cold and can't complain because it is the life you choose.
Sometimes our jeeps get stuck in the snow and we have to use our hands to dig them out...
man if we had just put its top on!
You get the chance to snap what you thought would be a great picture of 3 calves...
while you are bottle feeding one...and fending another one off
Your horses stand in the snow to consume a bale of hay
and you get the mean green to the barn, turned around and almost back up to the house before you...
spin the wheels until the front driver's side tire is slick,
and you are stuck...
this means you have to wait on your husband to come home in the flatbed ton truck to get you out

it also means that the little bullrider above can't practice...
can't saddle up...
and must play all day in the freezing cold to make up for the two previous statements...
its also when i cook & bake...
a loaf of bread...
a pound cake...
oatmeal cookies...
potato soup...
thinking about meatloaf to go with the potato soup...
So what's the weather like where you live?
what do you do when you have an extra day at home?
i hope if its cold you are warm...i hope if its hot you are cool...
either way i hope you are enjoying your family