Christmas Traditions-part 2

So last week I told you about half of our Christmas traditions.  Today I am going to wrap them up.

Tradition number 5: We watch ALL the Christmas movies on TV...Rudolph, know the ones...they were made in the 60s or 70s and are wonderful....yeah we watch them...sometime we watch them 2 or 3 times.

Tradition number 6: We make ornaments together- in my family we typically made cookies but they always turned out terribly and were never around from year to year-so instead me make salt dough ornaments and give them away as gift tags-plus we keep a few or a dozen to hang on our trees...yes I said trees we have 3-4 each year.

Tradition number 7: We attempted to begin the tradition this year of only giving little man 3 gifts to symbolize the 3 gifts the Wise men brought to baby Jesus.  My hubs and I give 3 gifts that are needed/useful and Santa gives 3 gifts that are wants.  This year we gave the little man gift 1: clothing gift 2: board games gift 3: Legos & playdough.  Santa gave: gift 1: new workbench w/ tool box, gift 2: a new calf rope, gift 3: Rodeo Cowboys.  We kept things simple but it still seemed like a lot of stuff.  

And last but certainly not least is Tradition Number 8!!  Many farm families experience a similar situation...livestock must be cared for daily even on Christmas.  For us to ensure we get to all enjoy opening presents together that means we must do so prior to hubs heading to work.  So we all get up and open presents about 4:30 a.m. so that Daddy can see Wyatt enjoy his presents.  Once all the presents are opened William drives 20 minutes south and starts the morning milking...a little late.  Wyatt and I clean up and get ready to enjoy the rest of the day's festivities.

Our traditions are simple, they aren't elaborate or over the top.  Our traditions reflect our values and beliefs...What type of traditions does your family have?  

Until we meet again--


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