My 3 year old drop out

OK so I have taken a break from blogging the last week...
 or two because I had something I had to focus on.
This was more important for me than the latest news or even agvocating.
It was my little man!
Little man has been attending a Montessori pre-school program since the end of August.
he has fought attending each and everyday...
he hated it...daily

In the last 2 weeks the daily fight has gotten worse.
we finally discovered why...
the program/teacher were not for him.

let me little man is active.
he is constantly busy...even while i write this he is busy doing "school work"
OK really he is drawing lines on paper and bringing them to me or hanging them on the wall
but to him this is work.

in his class he expected time to work with classmates,
sign, play. create reality
he was with his classmates for about 30 minutes at the beginning of the day
and then for an hour and a half or two
 he was expected to work individually, quietly...constantly
this wasn't a problem at first as everything was new and interesting
but from my side i had no clue what was going on in the classroom...
i never got much feedback and when i asked about letting me know daily i was shot down

however in the last few weeks he has gotten to where he would work for 30-45 minutes and then sit and observe others...he never bothered other children
or disrupted class...but he would sit and stare and his activity

when he did this he missed recess but he didn't care...
if he missed recess he got one on one time with the teacher
(who doesn't have that preschool loving attitude i expected).
i asked how to correct this or for suggestions...again i got nothing

so after much discussion and prayer we decided...
Wyatt just needs to be removed from this program...
the fight...the sadness...the lack of communication...
this was not the experience i wanted him to have...
so on Monday we begin Mommy School.

So as you can see the little man needed attention...
and that comes first...but now i will be back!

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